Here I am again, having a very relaxed and boring afternoon in the office. For the past week, there was nothing much for me to do since the department’s revenue has been dwindling and so has my duties. Who knows I might be out of job soon! Almost dozed off several times cos I had a heavy lunch. PIG!! Having some strong-brewed coffee at the moment and hopefully it will knock me awake. Decided to write some thoughts in the meantime to keep myself awake..

Have you notice that some people tend to walk with their nose in the air? These are the ones who have their heads in the clouds once they have achieved a certain level of recognization. They believed that they have already come far thus giving them some form of self-knighted privileges to look down on those whom they feel are not at their level. Its so ironic that their egos and arrogance are actually fuelled by a self-perceived form of success. Why would I say so? Simple, they are the ones who are mostly at the middle even lower management .They are proud of their successes even though they are severly limited. Its even more ironic that most of the people at the top do not exhibit such loathsome behaviour. Perhaps they truly understand the virtue of humility or they have seen the destruction of arrogance and pride so they are staying away from that path of destruction.

The problem is these high-headed creatures are everywhere! They have invaded every crevices of our living and working space and they bring with them their stench and filth! They are the real pests of the 21st century! I can already spot quite a few here already. They bow to those above them and sniffed at those below them. They treat others as invisible and have a knack of making others feel small, like a trampled ant! They are like a bunch of walking peacocks, though not necessarily as pretty or specutacular.

I had certainly seen my share of such people in LS and it certainly suck big time to be made to feel small and treated as worthless. My self-worth and self-confidence was so shredded that for a period, I actually believed that I was not meant for higher grounds. And even now in this new environment, I am still being reminded of these pests. My boss happens to be one of them. Its amazing how a man who is shorter than me can actually have a nose higher than me and made me feel smaller than him! Its fortunate that he knows about my credentials, otherwise he would be treating me like how hes been treating the interns. Disgusting…

I guess these creatures will continue to exist for as long as humanity exist. They are so pervasive that they will ooze into any crevices of your personal space and attack you by surprise until you are not even aware that you are allowing them take possession of you as your self-worth gets lighter and lighter. If only there is some form of reflective shield that can protect one from them. Whatever deprecating scrutiny they throw to you will then be reflected back and instead of you suffering, they are the ones who will feel small and worthless then! Cool!

~ by blurfroggie on June 21, 2005.

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