Ozzie (part 2)

Lately, Ozzie seemed to have consumed some kind of pyscho drug. She is bouncing everywhere all over the house! And its irritating the hell out of my parents and me..

Ozzie is about a year old and as with all Miniature Schnauzer, she has an endless supply of energy. She like to run all over the house, from the kitchen to our bedrooms, and then back to the living room. But one thing is for sure, she will never step into the kitchen voluntarily. Thats cos she is very afraid that we are going to keep her in the kitchen if she does. Whenever shes naughty, we will shut her into the kitchen and any amount of whining from her is not going to get her any freedom. Thats why whenever shes out, she will bounce all over the house but never the dreaded kitchen.

Then there is this endless barking of hers. Schnauzhers are supposed to be guard dogs as thats probably why she is very territorial. Whenever she sensed someone walking past our apartment, she will turn crazy and bark at whoever or whatever was outside. And she will not stop even if we whacked her or flicked her nose. (Dogs have sensitive noses so flicking them will cause them to hurt a lot.) She only stopped when the person goes away or we invite him/her into out house. There was this time when there was this poor salesman whom Ozzie barked at so incessantly that he actually move away from the door while talking with me even though there was this grille preventing that crazy dog from going out. Poor guy!

And the most hateful thing that she seem to like to do to me perhaps out of boredom to irritate the hell out of me is she like to lick between my toes for some twisted reason! I absolutely hate it! Its wet, sticky and ticklish! And not to mention my feet are dirty and she might get some stomach upset..

She also have this mentality that me and my sister’s undergarment are some chewing toys. Probably shes a female and as you know females tend to be a little obssessed about undergarments, shes also a little crazy about our undergarments. Funny thing is she does not give a second glance at my mom’s undergarments though. This make me wonder if shes a female or a male in disguised! As for our undergarments, instead of wearing them, she like to CHEW on them instead, bras especially. I go berserk whenever she does it. Can you imagine the amount of money that I spent on my bras and they got whrecked by this bloody dog!? There was once she peed in the kitchen and then pull all our panties from the hangers and then proceed to wipe her pee with them! Bloody hell! Luckily I wasn’t at home or I would have kicked her from the kitchen all the way to God forsaken place at the end of the world.

Then again, shes a really sweet and cute doggie despite all these irritating shortcomings. She will never get angry with you no matter how much you shout or scold or whack her cos shes being irritating and naughty. Although sometimes she knows that her actions are not acceptable and still purposely do it just out of boredom and irritate us in the process, most of the time, shes just a gentle pup out for some love and attention from her family. And she can be really affectionate too, if you don mind her stinky breathe that is.

~ by blurfroggie on July 24, 2005.

4 Responses to “Ozzie (part 2)”

  1. Hi Iris,

    looks like u got a very special dog 🙂 its a love-hate relationship I guess when it comes to pets.. as long as u enjoy her company in the house, I think shes a nice doggie

    take care and may your mood pick up soon!


  2. Yah, you certainly got it right, its a love-hate relationship with that stupid dog!

  3. Humans think that dogs have the thought process and capability of purposely irritating us. They are not capable of that thought process. Only us lucky humans can do that to eachother.
    But they do get stressed and show their stress in very irritating ways. This dog sounds like he is begging for attention.

    It’s also possible that the dog was wanting to protect you against the man who came to the door. That they are very capable of.

    Good luck with Ozzie, remember “positive reinforcement”, but it takes a lot of time and patience.

  4. Actually Ozzie is a she..! 😀

    Yup, he needs a lot of attention cos me and my family are always not at home, leaving her alone. Poor girl. But we gotta work..

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