It was reaching 1am yesterday night when I reached home. I was nearing the void deck of my flat when I heard someone calling me. I turned around and there was this guy wearing a pink shirt and long dark pants, with a bagpack on his shoulder. He looked lost and was perspiring badly.

“Scuse me miss, can you help me? I am lost. I am looking for block 290 but there does not seem to be one around here. Do you know where can I find it?” he asked.

“290 is far away from here. I am not really sure but I can confirm that there is no block 290 in this neighbourhood. All the blocks here are either 289 or 288 with different alphabets.”

“Oh shit. I am meeting a friend at 290 to get back my handphone which I left it at his place. Do you mind lending me yours so that I can sms him.”

“Sure, no problem.”

I lended him my cell and then after he sms his friend, we parted ways. He said his thanks before leaving.

Then at around 2am last night, I receive an sms from him thanking me for my help. That was not all. He also asked me if I can help him with a school project of his, its a survey and he seemed to really need people in doing it for him.

I thought ok, its only a survey and no big deal. Besides he looked like he was in his teens so I guess should not be a problem. Anyway, I am bored and have nothing to do.

Then I replied his sms and asked for what his survey was about. And hes reply totally threw me off-track!

He turned out to be 21 years old, and I seriously have my doubts on the existence of his so-called survey! In his sms, he introduced himself offically, he had no girlfriend, is an open-minded guy and really wants to be my long term friend whom he can call and talk. He also wanted to call me immediately and meet me to do the survey. Its a one to one survey and I only need to give him my opinions to whatever questions that he will be asking me!

I have no idea what did I do last night that made him come onto me! All that I ever did was to lend him my phone and point him to the corect direction! Jeeze! On the one hand, I do not want to hurt his feelings and yet on the other hand, I have no wish to reply or contact him any longer cos the whole thing stinks and I am rather afraid of him. He seem like those who has little or no friends and if I were to hurt his feelings, he might just come over to my flat and stalk me!

Damn! Sometimes its really not a good idea to be a good Samaritan!

~ by blurfroggie on July 24, 2005.

7 Responses to “Richard”

  1. HAHAHAH what a stupid guy. That’s pretty intrusive to call back when not asked. I hate people calling me anyway…..

    He knows where you live and your phone number….thats pretty crazy

  2. Yah, he knows where I stay and its very scary….

  3. Fuck hurting his feelings! This man has an agenda. I assure you that you will not hurt his feelings. Always be aware that most people do have agendas. I know I sound paranoid, but this has scam written all over it.

    Don’t be scared of him. When you are gone for good, so will he, and he will move on, unfortunatly to someone that does not have as good as instincts as you do.

  4. He sms me again probing me if I got any boyfriends and stuff like that. I basically told him to fuck off, in a more civil tone cos I am very scared that he will go beserk and then stalked me and hurt me physically since he already know where I lived. I already told my parents that I am going to call them should I meet this freako again.

  5. Seems to me like he is plotting the whole thing up. You should get some guy friend to call him up if he continue to pester you. Or make a police report against him since you have his contact. Keep the police busy and keep him busy too.

  6. I think u better go easy on him. Don’t try to anger him or something. Show un-interest in him. Reply to him as little as possible.

    Hope he will get bored soon. Don’t try a direct conflict with him. You never know what crazy people like him might do.

  7. Thanks guys..! So far he has not yet contact me anymore. Anyway I already told him that I will not be replying his sms more. Just hope that hes just bored and not some pyschos.

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