A much needed talk

Eelin rang me up for a chat last night. I missed her terribly, especially when I am having so much personal conflicts at the moment. She and me have always been very close. Not close as sisters but then again sisters may not be close too. I have a younger sister but me and her are worlds apart.

Eelin is back from Aussie after spending 3 years studying English there. I have not know of anyone who can be as deep as her. She had her own set of emotional issues when she was there and I think she felt a lot more worse than me cos she was all alone there, with no one to talk to. In any case I am just glad, very glad that she survived her near emotional breakdown.

Anyway, we did a lot of catching up. Talk with her until the wee hours. We actually forgot about the hours when we were talking. We talked about issues, lots of issues, ranging from her church activities, her close marriage proposal (which was a real funny but I kind of find it sweet cos the guy was only 21 of age), the thirteen levels of hell with the gross and disgusting habits of man who have no sense of hygiene, her cats, her brother, her thoughts on sexual harassement, and most of all, my issues with relationships. We talked and talked and talked.

I felt so good after talking to her. It felt so good to connect with another human, one who can really understand what you are feeling and why you do the things that you do. She listens and thats all it matters.

Thank you my friend.

~ by blurfroggie on July 25, 2005.

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