What the hell is wrong with Singaporean girls?!

Ok I am in a really bitchy mood now. I am fuckingly frustrated for some reason and I want to rant.

What the hell is wrong with Singaporean girls? All of these girls looked like they are from the same bloody fucking factory churning out girls who looked like some kind of fucking ghosts out of some thrashy comics. They are thin, pale like they have white paint being thrown over them, long rebonded hair and are always on the lookout for ways to starve themselves. And the worst thing is Singaporean men actually like to fuck them! Gosh!

Me and Eelin were discussing about Singaporean girls that day while we were having the long chat. She told me that she felt weird walking on the streets cos everywhere she went, she will see pale sickly girls with long rebonded hair, really thin, some tall, some short but all of them have the same kind of look! And the worse thing is skin care companies are still getting people to become whiter with all the bloody commercials on skin whitening products! What the hell is wrong with these sickos?! Not white enough? Want to become transparent is it?! Go paint yourself white, instantaneous whitening and it really works! Only need to wait for like half an hour for it to dry and then voila! You are white!

And Singaporean girls are always trying to get thin, thin. thin! When I was in the Uni, lots of girls are always starving themselves to be thin. There were some girls who are healthy looking in one semester and then the next, she became some new species of stick insect. In a period of a few months. What the fuck! Its scary! I mean, I don have regular meals but I do eat cos no matter how I force myself not to eat, I will always end up eating cos I am a sucker for eating. I love to eat. Unless I am too busy that I forgot the time for my meals or I am too depressed to eat. Otherwise if I am very hungry and I have food in front of me, I will eat. Eelin was telling me that she can never understand how these girls will choose look over food, life is too short to waste your time on your looks. And we are going for our regular binging soon! YES! Food glorious food!

Next, the hair. The trend of having long and straight hair may be over but you still see girls with long straight hair on the streets. Ok, I admit, I did rebond my hair twice but I did not purposely let my hair grew to such a length before I cut it. I was just too lazy to look for my hairdresser before he went MIA on me to get a haircut. I mean, long rebonded hair is fine and some actuallly looked good with rebonded hair but when the natural hair grow out, please for goodness sake, just trim it or rebond it a second time! Otherwise you will look like you have a thick crown on the top of your head with long sickly thin straight hair sticking out from your crown. Weird is the best word to describe the look. Not everyone is suitable to rebond their hair. If you have thick coarse or curly hair, please for fuck sake do not ever rebond your hair. It only make them look hard and thick and ugly. You hair will be protesting all the way here from Singapore to maybe Africa!

Fuck fuck fuck. I am in a fucking bitchy and bad mood today. I am so frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!

~ by blurfroggie on July 26, 2005.

3 Responses to “What the hell is wrong with Singaporean girls?!”

  1. ‘Thin’ seems to be in these days. Someone with the lost of flesh, some of the girls also lost some of their grey matters too.

    Missing the ‘k’ between Thin and Think. 🙂

  2. Thin at least look fit never mind, these girls are thin, grossly thin, like they have never ever tasted food before! And speaking about thin, flat tummies look nice but there are flat tummies and there are flat tummies. Some flat tummies are really tired looking and look very sick. And then these girls think their tummies look good and keep showing them off..

    They are really missing the “k” after the thin..

  3. There are always people that are willing to damage their body just in order to be ‘trendy’ looking. Kinda sad.

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