Mindbender and full bladder

Ok, I gotta admit, I am a chicken. I am so bloody useless when I watched suspense horror thrillers alone..

Mindhunter is about a group of potential profilers who were taking some kind of practical exams to show that they could be the real thing. They had to go through a series of re-enactments modified after real crimes before they were proven qualified to be FBI Profilers. The last test that they had to go through was to be flown off the a deserted island, which looked like a piece of T-Bone steak by the way, and stayed there after they had profile their next serial killer, known as the Puppeteer. The island was used as a training ground for Navy Seals and there were dummies all over the place, probably as shooting targets. Everthing was supposed to be fake, the crimes, the victims and the killer. That was until each of them start to die horribly and they realised that the re-enactments were no re-enactments. They were being played around by the Puppeteer.

And that was also when I realized what a chicken I was. There I was sitting alone in the theatre by myself, right in the middle and I freaked myself out. I nearly peed in my shorts! Actually it was because I had a drink before the show and I was in a really high-tide bladder state.

I had to shut my eyes on lots of parts. Well, actually you can’t really blame me for that when you have people dying in really creative and sadistic ways. The first victim got sprayed with liquid nitrogen and his body just froze before breaking into many pieces, the second’s head was severed and the blood drained, the third got arrows pierced into this throat, the fourth smoked an acidic cigarette and her insides got burnt right out. The captain of the group, in my opinion died in the most horrific way. He was supposed to leave the island but was tortured and then hung up with spikes on the ceiling like a puppet.

Creative ways to die and very twisted.

Thats why I can’t bring myself to watch. Too horrific for the chicken in me. Phew..

And it was almost 12am when I left the theatre. I had to pee really urgently when I realized that all the toilets were locked. Luckily the one in the Macdonald’s was opened otherwise I would have peed in my shorts, not from the fright but from the effect of watching a suspense thriller with a full bladder. No one should ever be made to do that. Its torturous….

~ by blurfroggie on July 28, 2005.

4 Responses to “Mindbender and full bladder”

  1. this looks like a good horror show.. maybe I should go catch it when I have time to do it.. now super busy with work n home to me is heaven for sleeping after long hours of working in office


  2. To add-on, ya.. definately don’t try to watch a movie with a full bladder, you may damage your body if u restrain your peeing too long.. I also kenna once b4 but u are luckier than me, i peeed out in my underwear before i could reach the toilet.. but luckily the pants not wet yet šŸ˜›


  3. I thought the vcd been out for a while? This is a rather old show that been circulating in the rental dept. šŸ™‚

  4. Nothing beats watching in the cinema with effects and sound and stuff like that!

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