Men are jerks

Men are out for only one thing and one thing only. Sex. Thats all it matters.

C met a guy. He wanted sex from her all the time. One day, she gave it to him and guess what? He told her that he missed his ex-girlfriend and said that they need to have a cooling period for him to get over his ex. Then she found him sending messages to his ex saying that he missed her and shit like that. All these after he fucked her. Asshole.

D met a guy. He wanted sex from her all the time. One day she gave it to him and guess what? He told her that he felt that him and her are not suitable for each other. And he met her mother once and told her to tell her daughter that its the best that him and her daughter go separate ways. He even told her to tell her daughter not to take it too hard. And then D found him with a group of girls hanging at a pub one day. Another asshole. A big one too.

Men are assholes. Period.

The best treatment for men, all men, would be to fuck them, get satisfied and then kick their cock so hard that they cannot get them hard. And then laugh at their pathetic selfs.

Fuck them, kick them and then laugh at them. Thats the best way to treat men. Other than castrating them and feeding their willies to the pigs.

I will never trust these fucking bastards. Never ever again.

~ by blurfroggie on July 30, 2005.

9 Responses to “Men are jerks”

  1. cool down…..

  2. I have a weird story for you.

    I have had a million of incidents like the before metioned happened to me, one day I met a guy who I was sure was the same, hooked up with him anyways – we’ve been together for two years now – he doesnt enjoy sex too much, would prefer to cuddle and talk (strange huh) and it has been the longest relationship Ive ever been in.

  3. Not all guys are like this. I know a lot of women like this now as well who think nothing of messing guys about, have them hanging on them dump them as soon as someone else better comes along.

    So unfortunately idiots exist on both sides of the relationship game but does this mean i will go i hate all women? No just the idiot ones who give woman a bad a name as the idiot men who do the same foe us decent guys.

  4. LOL…patting her on the head!

  5. What about don’t sleep with them. When they find that the girl won’t sleep with them they will move on to someone more willing.

  6. yes, there are idiots at both sides. But in my opinion, women are more susceptible to being victims cos women are more emotional. Men on the other hand is able to separate sex from emotions, making them less likely to be victims. At least thats what I learn.

    My point is these 2 girls are nice and sweet people. They gave themselves to these guys cos they trusted them and this was what they got in the end. Life suck. Especially when there exist pigs like these around.

    Women may be bitches but men are pigs.

    Thanks all for the comments by the way! 🙂

  7. im sorry men, but i agree that you guys are a$$holes!

  8. Cannot generalize men just because of a few bastards mah? Not fair wor.. Hehehe..

    Afterall, there are still a few good men.. No pun intended… hehehe.. 😛

  9. I used to think that I could seperate sex from love and I can but not in the way that I thought possible.

    TO make a long story short, I’m in a relationship now and for the first time with a male, I waited 2 years before having sex with him. I got to know him for two years before going out or having sex with him. We harldy have sex wither and he is supportive of my decision and is glad because he knows what having too much sex can bring… happiness, yeah right.

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