Random thoughts today

Take a look at the people around you when you are walking on the streets one day and you will find that its actually amazing when you think about the relationships that you are actually forming with them. You might not even talk to them at all but there is certainly a certain level of superficial relationship. Lets say you bumped into a little boy of 10 years old. Would you have thought that 10 years ago, this little kid was just born and then one fine day, you would rub shoulders with him?

Or to make it easier for the readers to understand my random chain of thoughts here, perhaps I should use a clearer example. Maybe 10 years ago, you were still a child but the bus driver who was driving you home from work was having a fun time playing truancy in school. You on the other hand were still in your diapers. However, its just this one fine fateful day that both of your paths crossed on the bus, he, doing his job while you, rushing to yours on his bus. Or maybe your girlfriend was just born when you were still a 2 years old toddler but then one fine fateful day, you crossed path with her and a beautiful relationship blossom.

Isn’t it weird how our paths will cross with strangers and then start a relationship with them, no matter how superficial the relationship is?

Is there some kind of mathematical equations that will predict if 2 totally unrelated persons would cross paths one fine day?

I think I am confusing you readers here…


~ by blurfroggie on August 1, 2005.

4 Responses to “Random thoughts today”

  1. I love people-watching. Just sitting on the bus, or wandering through town, or sitting in a pub watching people walk past, and you’re sat there witnessing a snap shot of their life.

    Why Do I Do This Every Day

  2. Yes! Finally someone actually get what I was talking about!

    Thank you!

  3. Hey, I do that too.
    Especially when after a series of meetings back to back or inbetween the period to the next one.
    Will just sit there and watch people move along life. 🙂

  4. Everything depends on Time, Place and People.

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