The sound of silence

Its funny to be up and not sleeping like most people during the late, or rather early hours in the night.

I have been having insomnia during the wee hours of the day, or night if you prefer. Note here that its during and not until. I would be really tired and would fall asleep at around 12am and then would just wake up at around 3am, after which, I will not be able to go back to sleep. I would be worrying about my work and the more I think about it, the more worried I would be and then the more awake I would become and by then, I would be wide awake. The fact that I had a heavy dinner yesterday made it even harder for me to go back to sleep now.

The most prominent thing about being awake at this time of the morning is the silence. Almost everyone is sound asleep and there are no sounds of people talking or vehicles moving or dogs backing or what not. Silence, thats the only sound that is around. Thats what I liked. Its the best time of the day or night to think and talk to myself. Talk, as in thinking in your mind and telling yourself what you are going to do for the next day, not talking out loud, which I think would freak my sister out..

I once came across a saying by some Chinese poets or thinkers about how we wasted three quarters of our life sleeping. In fact, we don really need so many hours of sleep each day. There are many stories of past great people who like sleep only a couple of hours each day. The Buddha, for example only slept 2 hours each day.

Well, past great thinkers or not, the fact is I am having insomnia. I think I have been worrying too much about my work these days. I have not been eating regularly, or sleeping well each day. In fact, sometimes and I don even have a proper lunch and almost always skip dinner and don even feel hungry but I am thirsty all the time. Like now.


~ by blurfroggie on September 14, 2005.

7 Responses to “The sound of silence”

  1. hello… got some company… ha ha

    sometimes i sleep early and wake up at 4 am on purpose to work – its quiet and i can get more work done.

  2. Heh heh! We should exchange msn and then chat..!

    But then again that would distract you from your work…..

  3. You really need a break. Relax. Too stressed up is not good for health.

  4. They used to say that insomniacs are just people in love, b’cos reality is better than your dreams for once. 😉 Drink a glass of cold milk, put some smooth jazz on and write a letter. That always gets me sleepy somehow.

  5. i know a ger… she needs to have an orgasm and then she can sleep… LOL

  6. Wah rijac, i did not know that you know me so well!!


  7. oops….

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