Porsche Boxster

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I cleared a shipment for this car today.

Headache siah….

Seems like nothing will go right for this shipment. First, delayed in payment to the shipping line cos my daily despatch went down before I can pass him the cheque. Then the shipping line was closed for the lunch hour.. So my container was delayed in getting released…

Then, got a call from the customer to tell me that he was already at our place to look at the unstuffing when I distinctively told him that we can only get ready for him at around 5-6pm. That was only 3pm then. Got a blasting from customer as a result.

Next, there wasn’t enough drivers to truck this container to our yard here. Everything was delayed until 8 plus when the small little container arrived. Container was unstuffed and car was brought out. But tow truck was not here yet cos he went for a quick dinner and forgot the timing… Sheesh.. Got a scolding from me as a result, since I got another scolding from the customer..

At the end of the day however, when I saw the exquisite car loaded onto the tow truck, safe and sound, I felt a very weird sense of satisfaction. I have done my job, even though I got a couple of scolding from the customer due to some hiccups here and there..

All in a day’s work…

Tired now..


~ by blurfroggie on September 23, 2005.

3 Responses to “Porsche Boxster”

  1. sigh… both top gear and fifth gear voted this the best roadster….

  2. I wonder how much does this beauty cost.

    I was staring at it when it was driven to my office last night. And wondering if I will be able to afford this in my lifetime!

    Most likely not

  3. sould be around 300k.

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