Hantu! Hantu!

I am in the mood for some ghost stories and what better time to talk about such time when Halloween is around the corner!

Bear in mind though the stuff that I will be talking about are from personal experiences. I did not fake them and neither did I exaggerate the stories.. So those of you who can’t stomach horror stuff, do not read..

You had been warned…

(2nd warning: long post ahead..)

My sister has the ability to see ghosts, spirits or whatever you call the unnatural sightings. The first time we know about her special or cursed capability was when she tagged along with my mum to burn joss paper during the Chinese Seventh Month. My mum was happily burning “money” when my sis, she was like 8 or 9 years old during that time, suddenly tugged at her shirt and asked her to move away from where she was standing. My mum was pissed and curious at the same time cos she distinctly told my sis not to talk while she was doing her stuff. So she scolded my sis but sis told her, “Mummy, move away! There is a very tall man standing beside you and he want to eat the food on the ground! He is really tall!” Of course mum couldn’t see anyone near her at that time.

That was the time when my parents found out that sis has this cursed ability..

Fast foward to today, sis had already became used to seeing strange beings suddenly. Of course there were times when she got afraid but most of the time she would just keep quiet when she bumped into such stuff. And there were times when she would just freak me out. Especially when it happened at home.

Me and her were watching TV late one night. I still remembered that it was showing Charmed on a Wed night at 10pm. It was nearing 11pm at that time and all my folks were sound asleep except for me and her. We were in the living room and I was sitting near the balcony. There was a potted plant beside me. She was at my side. We were positioned in such a way that I would have to turn my body to the right to face the TV while she was facing the box directly. The cabinet holding the TV has glass doors and we would be able to see the reflection of the dinning room behind us while facing the TV. Suddenly I saw something wearing white moved behind my sis and went into the kitchen. Thinking that it was my dad to get a drink in the kitchen cos he is always in a white shirt at home, I did not give it a 2nd thought. However after a while, I began to have second thoughts about my dad being thirsty cos he seemed to be taking a long time. So I asked sis, “Did pa just went into the kitchen?”

She said, “Nope.”

“Then, who was that in white who just went into the kitchen?!”

“Didn’t you see him? He was standing beside you all along. Hes not actually in white, he was in a light blue top and the material is like those that you would find on a towel.”

I was like, “Fuck! And you only tell me now!?” Although I did not exclaim out loud cos I was still trying to maintain my cool.. Even though I was freaking out inside.. After the show, both of us hurrily turned off the TV and went to bed, locking our bedroom door..


Anyone standing at my main door would be able to see my bedroom and my bed directly and the passage that leads to my parent’s room.

The door facing you belongs to my parents’ room and the second door on the left side is my room with the toilet facing us. You can see the foot of my bed. I took this picture while in the living room near the main door, so you can see how anyone entering out house is able to see my room directly and a tiny part of my bed.

There was a time when sis just came home and I was halfway in the shower. She waited for me to come out and then she asked a strange question, especially when I was alone at home the whole day and there were no one other than the 2 of us at that time.

“jie, did you just go into the toilet when I opened the front door?”

“No, I was inside the shower for like 15mins already, before you even came home.”

Then came the freaky part..

“I just saw someone rose from your bed and went to the shower when I just stepped into the house..”

“Wah lau! Can you stop telling me what you see all the time can or not?!”

After that comment, I always feel very uneasy when I went to sleep on my bed…

Next story is about my own experience..

I was staying up really late at night, chatting with a friend online. It was like 4am in the morning. I had my earphone plugged in and was typing on my iB. My back was facing my bed and my sis was sound asleep on the upper deck of my bed. We have double decker bed.

Then I heard loud sighs coming from behind me. Considering that my volume was turned up rather high, I thought my ears were playing tricks on me. Then the sighs kept coming and my curiousty was aroused. I took off my earphone and turned around, thinking that my sis was snoring. The silence of the night.. Plugged in my earphones again and after a while, the sighs came again. Took off my earphones and turned around to look at my sis to ask her to shut up and all was silent again. This happened for the third time when I realized something was freakingly wrong.. Freaky hell.. And so I offed my iB, jumped into bed and pulled the covers over me in record time.. Perhaps, I was real tired but I actually fell asleep immediately..

There were still a couple more of interesting stories but I think these are enough for now. I happened to be typing alone in my room. Although, its brightly lit and the door is opened with all my folks still awake, its still rather scary… So much so that I kept turning my head behind me to take a look..


To be continued….


~ by blurfroggie on October 27, 2005.

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