Vision for loan?

I am in big trouble…

I have to go back to JB this Sat on 19 Nov to have another round of eye check up. Apparently, the specialist found out that my eyesight is still not perfect yet (no shit, Sherlock) and I will have to undergo another round of check-up to determine the cause of the imperfection. If its due to the thickness of the corneas, I would have to go through another round of Lasik, free this time. But if its due to the loose muscle of the eye, then there is nothing much Lasik can do.

The problem now is not so much of the operation but more of who will be able to go with me. During the test, the muscle of my eyeballs will be relaxed artificially, much like the first eye examination that I had the previous time. And I will be effectively blind, well almost, for the next day or two. And therein lies the problem. I need another set of eyeballs to help me orientate.

Conclusion: I need a companion to go with me. To be my sight. Otherwise I might just end up in KL instead of Spore at the end of the day.

Anyone willing to take pity on me and go with me? I am willing to pay for the transportation expenses, can even throw in a lunch or dinner meal if you really want…



~ by blurfroggie on November 15, 2005.

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