Eelin suddenly had an urge to binge, on fried chicken wings to be exact. Asked me out to join her after her cell group but that will be late. Figured that since I got nothing better to do for the night, might as well join her. Damn, I really should stay away from high cholestrol food..

Anway, worked late, came home and tried to get my bloody torrents to start to no avail. Had no idea what the hell was wrong with my router or modem or my stupid iBook. Idiot. Ended up toggling so many things that I got into a very bad mood. Frustrated the hell out of me.

And my parents started to irritate me. They nagged at me, as usual, asking why did I have to go out at such a late hour, who was I going with and what would we be doing, etc. The usual questions. Don’t they ever get sick and tired of always asking the same bloody stupid irritating questions. I really had a good mind to tell them that I was meeting a man, going to spend the night with him in a hotel and would not be home for the night. Kaoz.. When will they ever learn to trust me. For goodness sake, I am capable of thinking and taking care of myself!

In the end, ignored them totally, changed and left the house, with my Dad complaining loudly to my Mum and my Mum shouting at my insolence and fucked-up attitude. Damn it. Its only a simple supper with Eelin and its not as if they never met her.

Then Eelin stayed overnight at my house. Mum and Dad were surprised that I came back so quick. For fuck sake, I had already told you people that I would take a short while! Sigh..

Don’t your parents get into your? Mine really irritate the hell out of me and I am tired of all these. Damn, how do you ignore the people you love most? Reasoning, ignoring, shouting, quarrelling, arguing do not seem to work. Damn.

~ by blurfroggie on November 26, 2005.

5 Responses to “Irritated”

  1. my parents do it out of love.. i think urs do too.

  2. I know and that makes it all the more difficult for me to stay pissed with them and that makes me more frustrated..

    By the way, who are you??

  3. do not look back in anger…

  4. Ok, you are making me very curious.. Who are you? Why do I have to look back in anger at you?

  5. Mine does…..and really, sometimes I just wonder if my existence is actually more a curse and a bane.

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