"Racket down and back!"

Had my weekly tennis lesson yesterday and it was rather fun. If only I was able to hit the ball all the time, then it will be more fun… Yah, I seemed to have some problem hitting the balls.. Don laugh..

The thing is, there are very specific techniques to mastering tennis. Its not as simple as just holding the racket and then hitting the ball with it. Even holding the racket requires tactic too. Unlike badminton, which made use of a light and thin racket and the player only need to rely on the strength of the wrist to master the game well. Tennis, on the other hand, requires a heavier racket and a very much different set of rules all together.


My coach was getting rather exasperated with me cos I seemed to be avoiding the ball instead of rushing forward to hit it.. I am that stupid…

But once I managed to get the hang of it, it was actually very fun, and tiring, of course. I am so used to play with a badminton racket that I just need more time to get use to hitting with a tennis racket. Phew.. And the funny thing was that the more I played tennis, the more I would want to play badminton, how ironic is that..

Anyone game for a session of badminton? Its been ages since i held a badminton and sweat it out with a racket..!


~ by blurfroggie on November 29, 2005.

5 Responses to “"Racket down and back!"”

  1. My colleague and myself do have a regular session every week at either CCK or Bukit Gombak SC…….

  2. Badminton session? How do you guys managed to book the hall? Just go to the admin and say you want to book a hall?

  3. go to the ibook website of SSC every tuesday morning immediately after 7am….plus a working credit/debit card and viola…tonight 7~9 @ bukit gombak..
    And Sunday from 6 to 8 @ cck….if you are interested….

  4. Its ok, I finally found someone to play with me! Do you know the website for SCC? TQ~

  5. http://ibook.ssc.gov.sg/

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