I am so tired of listening to our radio, the few popular songs kept getting played, replayed and then replayed again and again every single day. There are only so many pop songs that one can really listen to before getting tired and sick of them!

I have been looking for other genres of music to listen to and the latest favs of mine is trance, electronic and vocalists, musics that are not the mainstream. Perhaps even new age. Funny, I used to hate such genre of music until some recent influences.

The first reaction that I would get from most people when I introduced to them such music would be that the tunes tend to give them headaches and they would rather stay away from them. I used to be like that too in the not-so-recent past. I can’t believe how much I had been missing by staying away from them! There are actually so much euphoric surprises hidden inside these musics and the different remixes provide so much excitement to one’s senses!

Its only when you are willing to open up your mind before you would be able to truly enjoy such musics. In fact, come to think of it, this applies to all kind of music too. Brushing away a particular genre just cos its of that particular genre is such a pity. You have already discounted something before you even dare to take the first step in giving it a chance. Its like you have already judge the subject before even allowing it any chance to prove itself. Thats really unfair to the subject but most of all, its so much more unfair to yourself. Judge, discount and dispose instead of experience, discount and dispose/enjoy. What a waste!

Then again, thats life. We are always so sure of ourself, so sure that all the choices that we made are always right and that we know whats the best for us. Our thought and decision-making processes are so one-sided that we tend to only look down the road in a single direction; straight in front. Some do that cos they are so used to taking the safe mode while others just have this innate ability to only focus on whats in front instead of giving the side path a second look. Most just do not have the courage to do that out of fear that whatever sidepaths they take will fail them. In the end, the straight road ahead will be so cleared of any surprises that its became so boring while the side treks are filled with so much surprises but not many will be able to understand nor have the chance to explore.. We have essentially became tamed horses fitted with self-imposed blinders so that we only look at the front and ignore whatever at the side roads

Perhaps we should take a little breather from just walking on the safe road. Venture out into more unknown paths and explore whatever that are on the side treks. Wearing our blinders too often will tend to make one lost track of whatever has been happening around him and soon, at the end of the road, one would find that actually the road that hes been taking is actually so tame, so mundane. Its kinda sad actually and rather ironic too. We are all blessed with a wonderful sense of curiousty yet we try so hard to stifle it so as to remain safe and free from failures. In the end, we have missed so many chances to explore and to be surprised.

Incidentally, the song that I am so crazy about right now is called Mindcircus by Way Out West, the Gabriel and Dresden remix.


~ by blurfroggie on December 28, 2005.

4 Responses to “Mindcircus”

  1. there was a time when i was rich(er) and could actually afford a md player.

    i loaded it up with chill out tunes, ya know, just downtempo stuff. i was in the army then and the music soothed my soul.

    i still love those stuff. i’d like to recommend you the angel beach cd compilation series. i nicked my sister’s vol 1, 2 and 3. i can lend it to you to sample if you like.

  2. Rasmus….Give me Rasmus….

  3. try some jazz and blues.

  4. Give me trance, new age, hard rock, soft rock, techno or even hard metal, just spare me jazz cos i tried listening to them and always want to fall asleep….. i think me and jazz just don go along….! q

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