Chapter one

The first day of a New Year and the first thing that I did when I woke up was to pay off my internet bills, unpaid since I don’t know when. The last time I used my internet banking was in Sep so I guess thats the last time I paid for my bills, kaoz.. I am glad that Singnet did not choose to terminate the service of such a lousy paying customer!! In anycase, thats not the way I intend to kick off my new year; who in the right mind would want to start off the new year paying bills.. Hah!

Ok, enough whining about bills and stuff…

I was glad, perhaps glad was an understatement, more like very thrilled that I joined Eelin and her parents to the dinner party last night, I won a portable DVD player! Yippee!! It was the annual Navy countdown party. Uncle Tommy used to be a Major in the Navy and I think his current job still has some dealings with our defense department and thats why he will be sponsored a table every year. Each table cost like $2.5k and each ticket cost $250.. Not wanting to waste the tickets, he would be asking Eelin and Wolly to get people to go. This year however Wolly and Ami went back to Mexico and there were 2 seats empty… What a waste. The food was great, the reception was great, the people there were very fun and sporting, the service was great, the food was yummy and the ambience and settings were terrific. Its a real ballroom setting.

But I think the best thing that the party was the emcee. Its a pity we did not manage to catch his name but he was terrific! He was hilarious and managed to send a room of serious Navy men to tears and stiches from laughing! Hahaha! He had this very rubbery and latexy face and just by looking at him, you would feel like laughing. But the best was that he knew how to play up to the audience. He knew when to push his jokes and when to back off. Eelin was just saying she would go again if this guy is the emcee again. The previous time I went, Victor Khoo was the emcee and trust me when I said he sucked. Big time. That guy seemed to only know how to make racist jokes. At certain points, I had this feeling that the audience were actually embarassed about this jokes since there were quite a number of Indians there and they seemed to be the butt of his jokes all the time. What an ass..

Anway, its a great way to spend the passing of the old year.

A new year bring new hopes, new resolutions (though I have never managed to keep them), new wishes, new ambitions, new everything except a new figure perhaps.. heh heh. Whats old shall be old and I intend to keep it that way. Some things are meant to be savoured only when they are old, friendships for example. The older the friends are, the more valuable and priceless they will be. To all my friends, I hope you are reading this, all I want to say is that you have been really great to me, tolerating my stupid and blur antics and blunders and headaches that I caused as a result. I am really glad to know you guys for so long. I am sorry if I seemed cold and distant and sometimes even forgot your birthdays and stuff like that. Its not meant to be on purpose, knowing how blur and forgetful that I am. People like Nee, Eelin, Alex, Cons, Weili. You are my closest girlfriends. Thank you. And then there are the close friends that I met in cyberspace. People like DK, Gizzy, Zhen, HJ, Corny. Time spent knowing you people may be short but still I count my blessings that I am able to know you during my lifetime. And then there are my ardent fans reading my blog, checking out on me regularly to see if I am still alive and kicking. Robyn, Phillip, rijac, Paddy, mr noobz, mr cobalt, tanlih thanks, you all are the reasons why this blog is still alive and kicking actually.

Ok, I need to stop, this is starting to sound more and more like some radio dedications made by some teenage school girls and goosebumps are starting to sprout on me.

As I was saying before getting distracted by the long dedication of some sort, some things are meant to be savoured when old and there are other things that are meant to be hidden but remembered as it gets older. Bad and painful experiences, that I intend to remember for the rest of my life, which I doubt is difficult considering how much I was affected by them. Lessons learnt from them are invaluable and shall serve as a kind of guide for me in my life journey, warning me that I should open my eyes wider when giving my trust. I am too naive and these scars shall forever be there to remind me about my foolishness and stupidity and naivety, warning me about pitholes when dealing with people, ensuring that I would look before I leap so as not to fall into another pithole of snakes and pikes again. Getting up from a pithole is painful and though time may heal the wounds, the scars will still remain forever. I don want to fall into another pithole again.

Thats it, enough with the whinning. Happy new year everyone! May the new year usher in new hopes and may all that you wanted and desire come true in the new year for you!



~ by blurfroggie on January 1, 2006.

11 Responses to “Chapter one”

  1. Happy New Year.

  2. happy new year to you too……..

  3. Let’s hope 2006 will put an end to all things unpleasant and a start and continuation to all things joyous and magnificent 🙂
    reading your blog has enabled me to know slightly more about you, without which would have been almost impossible. Just hope you wont mind my asking about you when we bump into each other in office 😉
    Your blog has also made me realise an irony- that we know so little of what’s going on in the lifes of people we see most (eg, colleagues)….

  4. now who in the heck is mr noobz anyway?

    is he some noob as in newbie?


  5. Hey Happy new year to all!

    Robyn, its ok, just ask anything you want to know about me, i am fine with it. If I am not comfortable, I shall just speak out 😀 Don worry.. (I think I am making myself out to be some famous hotshot whom others want to know about!)

    Yah, its ironic that we see each other everyday and spend about 3 quarter of our day with each other and yet know so little about the lives of each other. I guess everyone has their secrets and personal lives that they would like to hide..

    Thanks for your wishes and may the new year bring forth all things good for all of us!

  6. im still wondering who mr noobz is.

  7. Oops! Salah!!! Paiseh, mr loobz….

    mr noobz is diaster man, calamity man has been overtaken!


  8. what haha!

    siao eh this char bor!

  9. Din u noe that she is a siao char bor… heeee…

  10. Eh you 2 neber die before ijjit?? Come to my blog and say I am a siao cha bor!!!

  11. Well… if they die before, they wouldn’t be posting comments here right?

    Wahahahaha….. (I also never die before)

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