A hairy episode

I am always so affected by what I saw on CSI. In this latest episode, a brother and sister twins have this rare genetic disorder, hypertrichosis. A “genetic quirk” as what Catherine called it. They had hair all over their body, the sister’s condition was worse, she was covered with hair all over with the exception of her mouth and eyes. Their father abandoned them, their mother gave up living with them and the sister had to hide herself from the rest of the world. The brother finally found the love of his life and then got himself killed cos the brother of his betrothed could not accept him. He was his best friend.

Call me emotional or call me stupid for getting so affected by a mere TV show but I actually teared when I watched it. The thing that affected me the most was what Michelle, the girlfriend of the brother said, “He was the nicest man, the best lover and my best friend. Its like he was trying to made up for his physical imperfection.” How many times have you met a beautifully made person and yet got really disgusted by his/her ugly characters? And that got me thinking. I have always believed that there are a reason to everything and so thinking along this line, there should also be a reason for such so-called “freaks of nature” What if they are not freaks? What if they are there to remind us that physical deformities is not a factor for character deformities? Or perhaps just to remind us that we are the ones doing the staring instead of the ones being stared at.

Incidentally, I have an appointment with my hairstylist to cut my tresses today. An omen perhaps?


~ by blurfroggie on January 7, 2006.

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