Relatives = vultures

I never realized that the reunion meal actually meant so much to me..

Sitting alone in the office on Chinese New Year eve, (its my day to do some stupid LTA duty) is so damn bloody unbearable..! I should be at home, playing with my cousins, chatting with my uncle, auntie and granny, not alone in the stupid office, listening to the radio alone, pathetically and dozing off.. Sigh..

Tomorrow is going to be more unbearable.. Any single, unattached young adult who tell me that he or she is not tired of visting relatives during any festive seasons is either:

  1. Lying through their big fat soggy asses
  2. Loves their relatives so much that they really do not mind their nosy interrogation

I am very sure its the former.

Come on, CNY is like a form of interrogation season for me. Every year nosy aunties and uncles (yes, I realized that as males get older, they tend to get nosier too) would just probe me for any news on my marital status.

“Aiyoh, why still single and not attached? You are not young anymore liao leh, don want to get left on the shelf leh. See, your younger sister already happily attached. You want to remain a spinster ah?”

In case, you are wondering, I have like 4 aunties, 2 uncles on my mum’s side and 3 aunties and 1 uncle on my dad’s side. Together with their spouses, that would make 10 pairs of nosy old couples interrogating me on why I am still single. Take my word for it when I say its seriously really very stressful.

Especially when they all swarm towards you as you just step into the house and just start shooting off their questions. Just imagine a poor defenseless lass getting surprised by vultures and lions.

Ok that was a rather lame analogy and I am getting a little carried away, but you get my point.

And its fucking bored and stuffy in the office here! Dammit..

On a sidenote, Happy Lunar New Year to all my fans here..! Enjoy your holidays!

~ by blurfroggie on January 28, 2006.

10 Responses to “Relatives = vultures”

  1. yeah, i totally detest when anyone starts asking me about my marital status and dishing ou advice and all that crap.

    look, it’s my party and i’ll cry if i want to, cry if i want to, cry if i want to.

    so shut it.

  2. last time their relatives ask them those question also mah. So when they older now, they take revenge on u and ask the same questions lor.

    When you grow older, u can have your revenge… hee hee

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

  3. I am older….

    Gong Xi fa Cai to all!

  4. I meant around 40 plus, 50 plus type of “older”……

  5. so iris, when are you getting married? how many children you want? which area you wanna stay? šŸ˜€

  6. mr loobz, ladies first.

    I get your answers for your questions first then I give you mine.

  7. really ah?

    5 years, four, perth.

    ta da!

    over to you.

  8. No idea, none, home

  9. well, try this for size….

    bring a friend of your same gender for visiting… best if she spots a crew cut or something…..

    Taht stifles question

  10. And freak all my tight assed relatives out!

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