Ang Baos

I am always fascinated by ang baos. Please take note that I am not only talking about the cash inside but also about the pictures or images on it.

These are some of the interesting ones that I received during the CNY.


~ by blurfroggie on January 31, 2006.

4 Responses to “Ang Baos”

  1. I have lotsa of those ang bao if you want, lets trade the dollars in it with mine? Ok? muhahaha

  2. In your dreams, in your dreams….

    Hey! come to think of it, you you you should be the one to gib me ang bao leh!!!

    Heh heh, gong xi fa cai! Ang bao please! 😀

  3. Come to my house then i give ok? hee

  4. Whats your address?

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