Lizardy adventure

“Eelin, whats Meow Meow doing?! Why is she digging your sofa!”

“What? I have no idea, I am in the shower lah!”

I went to take a closer look at what the pussy was doing and found a cute lizard staring back at me. It was trying frantically to dig closer into the edge of the sofa so as to avoid any unneccessary attention from me and from Meow Meow.

“Oh, theres a lizard in your sofa. Its trying to hide inside.”


Oooo… kay….., that was a very big reaction, coming from someone who always seem to be in control of herself. I guess when it comes to creepy crawlies, no matter how much control you have, we females will always lost it.

Eelin came out of the shower and ran towards the den.

“Where?? Where?”

“Calm down. Let me try and get it out..”

I pushed the cushion as far back as possible and tried to pull the lizard by its tail out of the sofa. Big Mistake.

“Oops, the tail broke..”

“WHAT?? Then how?! I want that thing out!”

“Calm down, calm down..”

Second try. I plucked the lizard by its body and perhaps it was too tired from all the action, it was a baby after all, it just sat on the sofa calmly and waited for me to get it out. I scooped it out with my palms and clammed them tight, trapping the little thing inside my 2 palms.

“Now what? Where do I throw this thing?”

“I don know! Throw it out of the window!”

“No! That would kill it. I tell you what, open the front gate so I can let crawled outside. Get the keys.”

“I have no idea where I put the keys. How how??”

“I have no idea! Just get the damn keys! The thing is jumping crazily in between my palms and its bloody ticklish! Just open the front gate!”

Everything was falling apart. Eelin was running from the living room to her bedroom and then to her kitchen searching for her bag which contain her keys. I was trying to keep myself from throwing the poor little lizard out of the window and stifling my laughter at the same time. You have no idea how ticklish one tiny little lizard can be when its jumping in between your palms..

“Faster! Its damn ticklish!!”

“Got it!”

Finally. Eelin opened her gate and I rushed out, throwing the lizard onto the ground and the little thing promptly crawled into the other apartment.

“Oops, you just released it into my neighbour’s place.”

“Oh well. Its either them or us and I rather its them!” I laughed evilly, walking to her toilet to wash my hands.

“Oh yah, I forgot about the tail.”

“What? Where? Where is it?” Eelin jumped up from where shes been sitting on the sofa.

“There!” I took the still twitching little tail from under the cushion on her sofa and held it up for her to see.

“OMG! Throw it out! Anywhere out of the house! “

“Haiyoh, its only a teeny weeny lizard lah..”

“I hate lizards..”

“Hey, I just saved you from a lizard!”

“Yah right!”

I wonder what kind of adventure we will have tonight.. Anything but cockroach or beetles please…

~ by blurfroggie on January 31, 2006.

5 Responses to “Lizardy adventure”

  1. Although I’m not afraid of Lizard, but the last thing I wanna do is to catch it with my bare hands….

  2. Try it, they are cold, and feel cooling on your bare skin, but they are not slimy by the way..

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