Bankers and feminism

So, I went to Val’s engagement today. She looked totally gorgeous. And so happy. Its weird how love would just strike without knowing. She and her hubby were together for just slightly more than a year and they are going to be together forever. She was truly radiant today, the wonders of being in love. Her hubby, on the other hand, looked totally tired and worn out, perhaps from the stress of organizing the event and all the running and hosting. So tired that he actually spoken the wrong thing during the vows exchanging ceremony!

And it was then I realized that I actually have so many friends who are bankers! Its like 90% of them are working in the banking industry. I think I actually know at least 1 person in all the banks in Singapore! Anyone who wants to buy financial products, I have lots of deals here! Heh! And it would seem that bankers seem to know each other. And the grapevine is so strong that any news or rather gossip would just travel so fast that its really very scary.

As usual, when you put a group of ladies together, you would get…… Gossip! And since I need some male opinions here…………..

What would any of you Y chromosomes organism here do if a pretty young lady flirts outrageously wth you, with the intention of spending a ONS with you? Would you reciprocate or would you ignore her?

Well, the way I see it, whoever in the world has heard of rejecting a free lunch. And since males are more dominated by their, should I say, primal urges than females, I would say all males would more than willing bang the girl like no one’s business. Even if he is attached or married. Men are such vulnerable assholes sometimes, not that the girl is not cheap. It takes a slut to tempt a dickhead and he would just forget about his other half, letting his cock rule his better judgement.

On another note, is it the girl’s fault if she is pretty, smart and was hit on by a charming but married guy? And she rejected him? Of course not! But apparently the girl’s boyfriend thought so. So I asked, “if a girl was raped, then its the girl’s fucking fault?!” What the hell…. Sometimes I have no idea how you pinhead males really think.

Somehow every time I had a gathering with the girls, I would just end up turning into a bitchy feminist and my opinion of men would just nosedive further. And then get all foul mouth and such. I think if any guys were around, our swearing would just put them to shame! Hahahaha!


~ by blurfroggie on February 12, 2006.

9 Responses to “Bankers and feminism”

  1. to answer your question… no comment..


  2. ………

    Silence means consent and for this case, no comments mean agreed..

  3. well… at least i’m honest! but seriously, it really would depend on the situation. i can’t say for sure i won’t be able to resist… but then again, i might be able to resist… this kind of thing you never know how you are going to react until you are faced with the situation…

  4. If I’m single, sure, why not.

    If I’m attached or married, then won’t do it.

    (talk is cheap. I know)

  5. Typical.

    And I was hoping that I would receive some comments contrary to my views..

  6. Hi iris,

    regarding this issue, I would be very temped to ONS the girl but I my rational half of the brain will most likely stop me from commiting such act.. my thinking being: if you cannot offer the gal anything(happiness, commitment, etc.. but not $$ definately) in return, I would not spolit her body’s purness just when both side have the sexual urge.. I’ll still step out of the box n think about it.. like recently 1 of my workplace friend she really wants to flirt with me n she is attached, I rejected her further moves..haha


  7. Ah Tan, I think you really have a rather innocent view of the world. Not all girls are pure and innocent and not all of them deserved to be treated with respect when they themselves do not respect themselves. I am not bashing these girls irrationally but you really have to know what actually happened and to see the seduction and flirtation in play and you will know why. It takes 2 hands to clap and that said, one side is cheap and the other is a loose, whichever gender you want the description to go with.

    Besides, “people have sex for less worthy causes” so I guess if both of them enjoys it and do not mind the opinions of others, i guess its only logical to say that most guys would go for it! Anyway I am glad that you managed to reject the temptation 🙂

  8. Thanks Iris for saying I manged to reject the temptation.. I really feel tempted at a point of time but the rational me caught up with the impulsive me in the end.. guess being an Aquarius do have its advantages 🙂

    I’m still very innocent in my thinking dispite my age if u noticed.. haiz but trying hard to toughten my mind up to face the cruel world… its a great exchange of views here I find..hehee, hope to learn more from everyone who frequents your blog


  9. So you are an Aquarius too eh.

    I used to know someone whos an Aquarius too.

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