I like him but he don like me

This is rather amusing, there are actually quite a number of people who are curious as to how I am spending my V-Day..!

In the morning, it was the girls from my department. Since they would be going out for their hot dates with their boyfriends, they were dressed rather nicely. And it was then I realized that its Valentine’s day today. I did exclaim yesterday that its V-Day today and gave my colleagues quite a laugh. I actually forgotten about it till I saw the date while working! Heh, guess it kinda show how low romance is placed in my list of priorities! Then again, whats there to celebrate when there are no lovers to share the day with?

And so I told the girls, “Today confirm no one will work late, all go for V-day celebration already!”

“Got! You lor!”

“………………..” Thanks hor ladies. Thank you very much hor..

And since I was having another bout of craving for McDonald’s McWings, I kinda “dated” DK out for our frequent McWings suppers. And kinda saved him from wallowing in misery over his lack of dates on V-Day.. Hey, I did a good deed today!

So, I went home, took a shower and prepare myself to come out of the house when my mum, rather estatically came to me and said, “Going out ah? With who? That guy who came to our house previously ah?’

One can almost smell the happiness from her, emitting from the fact that her very single and available daughter was able to celebrate V-Day with a member of the opposite sex.

“Going to have dinner. At McDonald’s” And all her smiles and curiousty just went out of the window. Hah!

And at that precise moment, M and HY called me. We bantered on the phone for a while at which he told me that he and HY was worried about how I will be spending my V-day. If I am spending it alone, I can just pop by and have dinner with them. How sweet! Then again, I would be wrecking their V-day, and would probably ended up feeling really shiny like a lampost! But I really never thought that they are such sweet and nice people actually, wow.

To cut the story on my boring V-day, I had dinner with DK and as ususal, I felt like shitting after that. Damn, there goes my diet.

“Its not that you don have any guys but its cos you don want mah.” DK said to me while waiting for the bus.

“Who says. I want but he don want. How lah?”

Then it struck me that I actually said something along that line for the second time since Sunday. An acquaintance was asking me about my romance and I told her, “I like him but he don like me, then how?”

How strange is that? An omen perhaps?


~ by blurfroggie on February 14, 2006.

9 Responses to “I like him but he don like me”

  1. To say a fair word here, I think Iris is a nice and attractive lady, so Iris u should try to move on n don’t give up the forest for 1 tree!!

    Life is short, play it right πŸ™‚


  2. Then its time to move on…..

    At least now still got other guys who wants u. Wait till u old and ugly and nobody wants then u know. πŸ˜›

    (And it seems more like I doing a good deed rather than u doing a good deed leh. I don’t mind spending v-day alone. πŸ˜› )

    (Posted by DK but gotten deleted away by iRis accidentally..)

  3. wah.. this is the 1st time i see the good side of DK when he is not in any argument or disagreement with Iris’s views… kudos to DK… next time if got dinner gathering can call me along.. I walking alone in city link today, finding food n visting handphone shops for details about phone n charges..

    (Posted by tanlih but got deleted away by iRis accidentally)

  4. i was alone with my right hand

  5. Who are you?? identify yourself in my blog!

  6. the anonymous feature is there for a reason…

    anyway, so who do u like, iris? tell us, so that the rest of us can carry on with our lives.

  7. You are making me really curious….

    I like my right hand better

  8. wow…. some secret admirer…. lol….

  9. yeah…. looks like its a love polygon…………

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