I quarelled with Ah Beng today. I have been tolerating him for a long time over his sacarstic remarks already and I was at the end of my patience.

Boss asked the both of us to his room to discuss on the storage space for the incoming trucks. We had been running out space lately and he was rather worried.

“Iris, how many trucks are there in the yard currently?” Boss asked me.

“About 400.”

“Cannot be lah, where got 400?!” Ah Beng scoffed. He did not look at me when he said that

Ok, so to prove him wrong, I went to check on my stock status for them.

Yet, he refused to belive me and called our general workers to count the numbers of trucks at the yard.

“David, go count how many trucks are there in our yard. You are busy now but later at night after you finished your work, I want you to go count how many trucks are there in the yard. Give me the number by tonight.”

Bloody hell! These workers had been working non-stop for the whole day and because he refused to lose, he actually forced this extra job on them! And thats after David told him that there are 400 plus trucks in the yard! Fucker is so bossy!

In the end, there really are 400 plus units of truck in the yard.

Then boss asked me “How many square feet is there in a hectre?”

I said, “No idea. I have to check.”

“Wah, NUS student don know this?” Ah Beng remarked.

“I NTU, not NUs. Why am I expected to know. You yourself also don know.”

“I Geylang not graduate hor.”

“So? Not my problem.”

Boss then said “Whats wrong with you 2? Little things also want to argued.”

I kept quiet and Ah Beng said, “She so unhappy then don say anything lah. Next time I don want to take care of the trucks already!”

To cut the long story short, Boss talked to me and Ah Beng individually and I vented out my frustrations to him.

I told this to Boss:

  1. Ah Beng is very sensitive towards himself but he is very insensitive towards others. Boss told me if I know that he is a sensitive person, then just let him be. I retorted back that I am also a sensitive person and yet I don expect him to be sensitive towards him so why must I be super nice to him just so I don hurt his feelings? Boss had no answer to that.
  2. He expects others to stroke his ego and when they don do that, he thinks that person is not happy with him. He had been ignoring me since last week and yet expects me to approach him to suck up to him. I don see the point in doing that so I had been ignoring him as well. Besides, I did not have any dealings with during work and so I don want to waste my time with such childish games. And that ticked him off. The more he ignored him, the more he expects me to approach him and the more I ignored him, the piss-er he gets with me.
  3. Boss said Ah Beng thinks that my workload is very light and thats why I have been going home early for the past few weeks. I retorted back that working late or not is not a matter of work load. Its a matter of how I planned my schedule well. I know which are the things that are urgent and which issues are not. I don see the point of staying back late just so to look as if I have lots of stuff to do. And besides Ah Beng expects everyone to work late when he is working late. And yet when he leaves early, he also expects others to work late too. Its ridiculous. Boss then said if I work late, how come don want to let the rest of the team know. (Ah Beng’s office is on another level so he will not be able to know what time I worked until unless he comes up to my level or I tell him before I leave.) I said I don see the point in letting anyone know if I am working late or leaving early cos my job is my responsibility only and it does not concern others so why should I report to anyone if I am working later than the rest. Just the other day, when Ah Beng saw me leaving at 5pm, he immediately rushed out of the office and exclaimed loudly to me how come I am leaving early. I pissed him off when I ignored him and wave him off without even stopping and jumping on the cab. I don think I need to answer him at all and I don think I should even be wasting my time explaining to him.
  4. Ah Beng is very bossy and he thinks everyone should report to him. I told Boss that Ah Beng expects me to bow down to him and listen to all his words and I said I am not someone to do that. I am not reporting to him anyway, which Boss confirmed with me that I am reporting to him and not Ah Beng.
  5. I am not an impatient person but there is a limit to my patience. And I am nearing my limit. I have been tolerating him all these while and its been very tiring. All these nitty-critty issues are really very childish. Everyone seems to be scared of him cos hes more loud and fouled mouthed then others but I don see the point in doing that. I have just been tolerating him all these while. I am fine with stroking his ego but I can only do just that amount. Don expect me to put him on the altar and treat him like some kind of deity. If I cannot tolerate him any longer, I am just going to ignore him. And I am fine with that as long as he does not step on my toes. In fact, I actually wanted to talk to him on whats his problem with me but I cannot guarantee that I will clash with him more at this juncture so I choose to ignore him now.
  6. He has been making sacarstic remarks about me being a gradute and how I wasted my studies and stuff like that. I told Boss that if he has a problem with me being a graduate and drawing a higher salary than him but yet have less experiences than him, then just come to me. There is no need to make sacarstic about me. Boss said there are other graduates around in the office so I said “Precisely! Then why is he targeting me only!?” Which Boss has nothing to say.
  7. I told Boss that all these stuff are really very childish and on top of my workload, I still have to face these everyday. I don know how long I can tolerate this.

I think I am giving myself a couple of more months and if I cannot take all these nonsenses any longer, I am tendering my resignation. I don see the point in taking all these sufferings. Besides its not as if I have to work at my current company. I just have to overcome my inertia in looking for a new job. The only thing that is holding me back is that my resume will not look good with such a short working period at both my previous company and my current. Especially when I just got promoted.

Aye fuck it, if I cannot stand it, I shall just throw a letter to my Boss and leave. That fucking Ah Beng is just not worth my time. Hes a bloody bossy, sensitive, petty, stucked-up stupid fucker. I have no time for such losers who thinks so highly of himself just cos hes more loud than the rest.

I better start looking for a job now.


~ by blurfroggie on March 14, 2006.

6 Responses to “Fed-up”

  1. i guess he’s not the guy that u like but he dont like u right?

  2. Hahah! I know who are you..

    You are lame….

  3. Iris, dont ever make the mistake of resigning just becos of some jerks or some bosses. It is just not worth it.

    Think about it.

    What you can do is get a job for that jerk and get him to leave instead. How?

    Simply get a head hunter and recommend a good position and get him off your back… is it a good thing or a bad move? If he cannot perform it is as good as removing him and sending him to hell in his own ways.

    Cruel? Not to me cos why should I leave just so you are trying to be funny. This is not a child play, it is survival. Eat or be eaten is a book you wanna invest your time in.

  4. I agree with Paddy, dont leave the job because someone is a total jerk. Never get mad, just get even. Just try this, when he really breath down hard on you, just say this,”Am I hurting your ego??? or is that oversized ego a compensation of something that is ridiculous small??”

    When people make snide remark about leaving on time, just say that working late might not mean that workload is heavy, it just means that the person working late is either inefficient or plain stupid for not knowing how and when to say no….

    End of the day, don’t leave for the jerk…he is not your sweetheart and he ain’t worth it. Make him leave instead by showing to the world what an absolute inept nincompoop he is….

  5. yes, this is to inform you that spug.sg is up and that we will also resume our regular badminton session this sunday……all updated on the usual thread.

  6. Its funny but we are on speaking terms again.

    I think we are just a bickering couple.. Very childish I know…

    Haiz, what to do?

    Anyway, thanks Phillip for the update.. 🙂

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