Impacted earhole.

“Your ear is impacted.” Doc said.

I was like “Wah Kaoz! What the hell do you mean!? It such sound serious!”

“Actually its just a case of too much ear wax in the ear. Usually people’s ear wax are yellowish in colour while yours is black and hard. God knows how long its been there already! You gotta continue dripping the solution to soften the chunk, to make it soft enough before we can use syringes to flush out the whole thing with water.”

Argh. Why on earth did this kind of thing ever happened to me! Goddamn it!

Last Thursday, I went to see a doc for my fever and my blocked ear. Just a couple of days earlier, I had just seen a doc for my skin condition and gastric problem. I had another gastric attack a week earlier and I am having some kind of stupid fungi infection on my skin. Fuck it all. Why do all these come together at once?! First, skin, then gastric, then fever and now a bloody fucking blocked ear!

“So when will my ear be cleared cos its making me really uncomfortable and sometimes it hurt. I can’t hear clearly and the blockage is screwing up my balance. And it hurts a little sometimes especially when the pressure is heavier. Its irritating.”

“Depends. Normally it will take about 2-3 weeks. You gotta increase the frequency of the dripping of solution otherwise we cannot flush out the wax without hurting your eardrum cos the hard wax will just push into the eardrum and straining it instead.”


Now I can’t hear clearly for 2-3 goddamn bloody fucking weeks!

Since the day I got my salary this month, I had already spent like $300 plus on doctor’s fee. Everytime I took my medicines, my colleagues were like “Woah Iris! Why you taking so much medicines?”

And now, its my ears! What next? My eyes? Or perhaps my tits?!

Fuck lah…


~ by blurfroggie on April 10, 2006.

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