Singapore Fools.

Singapore Idol.

The price that people will pay for fame.

And the EXCRUTIATING entertainment that it provided!

Haha! I was expecting CSI and got a comedy night instead! I didn’t even show such alertness even when I was watching CSI on Tue night!


~ by blurfroggie on May 23, 2006.

5 Responses to “Singapore Fools.”

  1. Daphne is soo cute

  2. You are even cuter.. leave a comment without leaving your name…..

  3. I din watch but lots of entertaining moments i heard from the friends i spoke to. this week I must watch…

    Ah Tan

  4. Perhaps different people have different types of fun.. .they q’ed up for so many hours and then when come to the actual event for them to sing, some just go haywire about it. Strange. 🙂

  5. Hell yah!

    Those who forgot their lyrics were even more excrutiating to watch.. I was feeling their awkwardness through the TV frequencies and yet telling myself that they asked for it cos they should have known better when they applied to the show…

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