7 slices of lemon

I got really sick today. I was coughing very badly and was sniffing the whole morning. My eyes were so swollen that I appeared to be squinting. I also sounded really hoarse that my boss even asked me if I also went to JB to do my throat too, together with my eyes.

I said ‘Ya, there was an offer package. Do your eyes and you got to do your throat for free.” He went silent, thinking about what I had just said before breaking out in laughters..

I was certainly feeling really lousy, since last night but that is another story.

I got to the point that I could not take it any longer and had to take the day off. I could not even concentrate cos I was basically coughing, sniffing and sneezing all the time. Added to this was the fact that my eyes were really swollen and I was squinting all the time and you will have idea of how I was feeling during the day.

Lousy was just a mild term to describe.

So, I finished up whatever that was urgent and told my bosses that I had to leave for the day. They basically had to just look at me and asked me to go visit the doc.

With that, I took a cab and reached the clinic. Thank God for the little clinic snugged tight just 3 blocks away from my place. It also happened to be in my company’s list of approved clinics, meaning that I did not have to fork out a single cent to pay for the visit.

Came home, took my late lunch, popped a flu pill, read LKY’s book for an hour or so and promptly got knock out.

Then my parents came back home and woke me up half an hour later. Damn.

Then my Dad had to shut down the power suply to our unit cos he had to fix the water heater, which was spoilt for like a week already. Meaning that the whole house gradually turned into a furnace cos the fan was down. Double damn.

Then Mum kept interrupting my sleep. She was freaked out when I told her that I saw a dead person on my JB trip yesterday. A poor guy had fell from some higher level in the shopping area and landed on the main arena. I was there when the police was shooting pictures of the body and I could see the whole thing quite clearly. The body was twisted at an unatural angle with blood seeping out from underneath it and all that. It was rather mind boggling and eerie.

My Mum, being the superstitious person that she always had been, was so concerned that she insisted on me to shower with flowers and 7 slices of lemons. Don asked me why 7 slices cos for the life of me, I could not figured out why 7..

I was like all groggy from my sleep and yet she kept entering my room, telling me what I had to do. Below was what happened.

“jinghua ah, later you shower, make sure you tell me hor, I will give you flowers to shower together hor.” I mumbled something and went back to sleep. She left the room.

Then a second later she entered.

“Jinghua ah, later you shower with the flowers, I will also give you 7 slices of lemon to shower together hor. Make sure you take them together hor.” Again, I mumbled something, could not remember what, and fell back to my uneasy slumber again.

Then another second later, she entered my room once more.

“Jinghua ah, later you remember to shower with the 7 slices of lemons hor. You must remember hor, yesterday you saw a dead body so you have to do that hor.” I actually wanted to ask her why 7 but was too groggy to acknowledge it so I mumbled something again and tried to go back to sleep.

And then she entered my room again.

This time before she could say anything I interrupted her.

“I want to shower now.” I figured she would not keep quiet until I showered with her flowers and her 7 slices of lemon. And rather than going back to my uneasy sleep with disturbing weird dreams, due to her constant interruptions, I might as well just wake up and take my shower and get refresh.

It was also partly also cos I rather like the citrus scent of lemons and wanted to feel how it was like to smell lemony all over.

So I showered with flowers and lemons. The latter smelled so nice that I asked my mum, “Eh Mum, can I eat the lemons after I showered?”

Which she promptly replied, “Eek! No lah! Don talk nonsense! Throw them away after that lah!”

Oh well, so much for my cravings for citrus stuff.

And now, feeling all refreshed after the mis-adventures from yesterday till earlier today, I am now here, chewing on a piece of gum and tapping on my iB again.


~ by blurfroggie on June 23, 2006.

2 Responses to “7 slices of lemon”

  1. it just felt like this part “”Jinghua ah, later you shower with the flowers, I will also give you 7 slices of lemon to shower together hor.” was copied and pasted thrice over.. v v confusing to read at 12:30am..

  2. So mr C, you finally dared to reveal yourself when you are commenting on my blog eh? 😀

    And yea, thats how naggy my mum is…..

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