Who is out there for me?

As I walked towards the bus station and as I was sitting there waiting for my bus to come, there were lots of questions that were going around in my head, questions that I had no answers, questions that I do not want answered and questions that I am afraid of knowing the answers.

Or perhaps its just a case that of being not ready to face the answers.

Why is there no one to help me when I am confused?

Who is out there for me?


~ by blurfroggie on August 16, 2006.

11 Responses to “Who is out there for me?”

  1. come. unker help you answer your questions…

  2. Your question cheem or not? If not too cheem then maybe I can help to answer.

    Else u got Starz, Giz and HJ to help answer too.


  3. ANother unker here to help if u need it.. if u feel unker not suited, I can ask auntie to help also… see… 2 for the price of 1

  4. Haha!

    You people are damn funny!!

    Thanks anyway..

  5. ya lor… if not too cheem mayb we still can help u… jus dun expect much from whatever is left of my brain cells after I finish my exams on fri… 😉

  6. I’ll try to help too. Maybe you’ll find it easier to seek the help from a person who is totally clueless about your real identity?

  7. iris,sometimes i think you are the naked version of me.if that makes sense…lol

  8. Hmm, thats why my avatar is a naked girl??


  9. ZZZZ… that one not nice de…

    Got better one with better lighting? NPNT…

    U go organise one outing le… Long time no outing le… HANDLE BAR… BEER BUTT CHICKEN… FISH AND CHIPS…

    4 more days to payday…

  10. HJ: It is because of the lighting that make her look nice lor. If brighter, not nice anymore. hahahaha….

  11. You 2 are really boh liao……

    HJ: want outing then you go organise lah! Me organise no one want to go…

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