Death: Beginning or End?

Mum told me that granny was supposed to return to visit us last night. It may sound scary but according to Chinese beliefs, the spirits of your dead love ones will return for a last visit at a specific time. However, as always, there are variations regarding this belief.

According to my uncle and who went to consult some Taoist priests of some sort, granny was supposed to return last night.

And yet according to my dad, granny had never left us, she would be around for 49 days before leaving us permanently.

That left me wondering. What really happened after one passes on? Will there be a doorway with white light that is suposed to guide you to the other world, the nether world? Or is it the end when you die?

Death is supposed to be the beginning of another journey and the beginning of something else. If thats the case, then its reall not the end.


I am getting all confused just by thinking of the endless possiblities.

~ by blurfroggie on September 17, 2006.

4 Responses to “Death: Beginning or End?”

  1. I will tell you when I die.

    Provided I have a way to communicate with you after my death….

  2. other people I dare not say, but me thinks DK will confirm 托梦to iris under such circumstances….

  3. I rather he be alive than to 托梦 to me….

  4. There are lots of possibilities after one dies, the Spirit is suppose to come back to visit his/her closest family mambers on the 7th day according to chinese beliefs, when my gandma pass away last month, she did not visit my family but my uncle’s family in terms of she will appear in all their dreams that very night…

    ah Tan

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