Him and Her

“Why do people here paint their boats the same colour as their houses?”

“Its for the wives to know that their husbands had return from the sea.”


As she lay there in the still of the evening, she felt at peace with herself. She looked at his closed eyes, touched his lips, felt his breathe and see the fine hair on his hands. He looked so beautiful when he was sleeping.

She felt so safe in his arms, protected and warm in his embrace.

She brushed her hands across his lips and felt the lines. She ran her fingers across his chest and felt him stirred in his sleep. She smiled to herself, felt a deep longing within her, a longing for him.

She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms across his chest and fell asleep in his arms, with a smile on her face, secured in the knowledge that she will always be safe in his arms.


He felt a slight stiring beside him and opened his eyes and saw her.

She looked like a child, naked and beautiful in the evening light. Her hair was spreaded out around her head like a darkened pool of mysterious light. Her lips were red and she was smiling in her sleep, her expression cheeky and lighthearted. Her arm were outstretched across his chest and wrapped tightly around him, embracing him as she slept. Her breasts were full and her chest was heaving rhythmically with her every breathe.

She looked so beautiful, like an angel, dark and proud and yet like a child, vulnerable and to be protected. She was his queen, his charge, his angel.

He closed his eyes, and hugged her tightly as she slept, wrapping himself tightly around her, as if telling her that she will always be safe with him and he will never let her down.

~ by blurfroggie on September 26, 2006.

2 Responses to “Him and Her”

  1. “Why do people here paint their boats the same colour as their boats?”

    Huh? Me confused. :-\

  2. Oops!

    Sorry, i changed it..

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