The day my jaw dropped

I was sitting at the bus stop alone tonight, waiting for my bus to arrive when I saw one of my colleagues walking to the same bus stop. This was a regular looking guy, rather short and plump, with an honest face. He is a Malaysian and like most of them, speaks with a very Cantonese accent, which sounded very nice to me by the way. I just like the way Malaysians speak.

And so we were sitting there, late in the evening covered by the bloody haze that is covering the whole island at the moment, making small talks. And complaining about the odd timings of the bus.

At that moment, one of the bosses drove out in his Volvo and sped away from the building. We saw it and I said I wished that I have a car too. So that I would not have to wait for the bus for so long and wasting my time.

And then my colleague, lets just call him K, told me, “I have a car, but its in Malaysia and its very expensive to bring it out for long into Singapore.”

So, naturally I asked him, “What car do you own?”

“Oh, I’ve got 2 cars actually. One Evo 5 and another Evo 8. The Evo 5, I bought for about S$200,000 and the Evo 8, I won it in a race.”

I was like, “WAH!”

This was a man who looked so regular and so honest that you would never believe that he races! He is very soft spoken and is a very honest looking man. He always work late and always go to work late too. I always bumped into him when I was late for work.

Then he went, “I was thinking of bringing my Evo 8 into Singapore cos its sitting at home collecting dust. The Evo 5 is not allowed into Singapore cos of the modifications.”

During the short span of time, I found out that he takes part in regular car racing events back in Malaysia. He is professionally trained to race and his Evo 5 is so modified that he once outran a Ferrari before, though he attributed that to the lousy driving skills of the Ferrari driver. The highest speed that he chalked up was 340km/hr. Now, thats freaking fast! However, he said this speed was taken when his car was clamped and then the floor lowered so it was basically running with no friction and no weight, realistically, it should be 300 to 310 km/hr. There were times when he used only 4 hours to drive from Singapore to Ipoh and then there was that time when he drove up to the peak of Genting in half an hour!

“Thats still bloody fucking fast lor”, I said to him

And he got his Evo 8 when his team came in 4th out of 54 teams in some important race. Mitsubishi Japan actually sent down 2 engineers from Japan to do up their cars before the race leh!

He said, he only speed when he is alone and during races. With passengers around, he will never speed. (By the way, that reminded me of someone who like to speed even with passengers in the cars, a selfish dickhead who had no regards for the safety of his passangers) Unlike some drivers who sometimes can be so arrogant when they are speeding in their outrageously modified cars, his car is rather regular looking. And he also gets very freaked out when he is racing in tracks in M’sia with un-professionally trained drivers who like to think that they are the kings of the world in their rather stupid looking cars. The reason being that these people are not trained and they are unclear about the etiquettes in a race track. The time when he outran a Ferrari was cos he was not happy with the driver who seemed to think that he owned the road and was acting like some dick head.

And then he also told me about the recent event when the M’sia traffic police invited him and his team to drive alongside illegal drivers who race for bets. The police wanted to take down these car plates and filmed down everything. And the best was that the police actually provided them their own modified cars. 2 Nissan Skylines!

I was totally impressed during the whole conversation. Then again, I am an easily impressed girl anyway..

Back to the story, this was a man who is so regular looking, short and plump that you will never believe he is such a devil on the road! And he told me all these in such a soft and matter-of-fact tone that I had to prompt him to speak up for me to be able to hear him.

I was then reminded of someone whom I used to know and who liked to race in M’sia. Now, I believe that he would the kind of person whom K would describe as a wannabe driver who think that they own the road cos their cars are faster and louder than most regular cars on the road. Going at 280km/hr seem to make them go orgasmic and I wonder what would happen if this guy that I used to know were to go at 300km/hr or 320km/hr in K’s car. Then again, the inertia from his weight might be too much to allow the car to go at such a high speed!

I am an evil girl! Muahahah!

I never know that my company has such a talent manz….


~ by blurfroggie on October 19, 2006.

7 Responses to “The day my jaw dropped”

  1. You sound very frustrated. Who is this dick head? You better not let him spoil your day.

  2. Errr….. for all you know, that K might just be another WW. 😛

  3. I also have an EVO5 and EVO8… Toy model de…

  4. Dear Mr Anonymous, why would you want to hide behind a veil? Anyway, that dickhead did spoil my days but that was in the past so its over now!

    DK, K stands for Kenneth, WW stands for World War! Hahaha!

    HJ, at least you have the toy model lor! I don! Hahaha!

  5. I guess never judge a book by its cover do stand at times 🙂

  6. My first response would be “Yau mow tai pow ah!” in Malaysian cantonese.

    I also raced in Monte Carlo, but under the name of Peter Schumacher, cos they are racist there and do not give pole position easily to Asians.

    but of course, you give him benefit of thats cool I suppose.

  7. Hey Peter, welcome to my little corner here! heh

    yea, I gave him the benefit of the doubt cos he is just a soft spoken guy that I think its not his character to tai pow..!

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