Something is not right

Which is better? To love or to be loved?

Its funny how such things work sometimes.

I was told by someone that as long as you are happy in a relationship, then nothing else matters. The most important is to be happy.

But what if you are happy and yet the other party is not? Would you rather hide the unhappiness and only concentrate on what makes you happy in the relationship? And at the same time ignore what is making the other party unhappy? Is there such a thing as only having the happiness of a relationship and leave the unhappiness aside? Can one really have a happy-only relationship?

Something is not right.

Its weird how one can actually feel so much for someone who hurt him and yet feel nothing for someone who cares for him.

And its weird to know that you have done so much and yet nothing seem to go according your way. Its like living in a dream. Somehow, somewhere, someday, you gotta wake up from your dream and face the reality. Why do people like to deceive themselves so much?

At the end of the day, does it really matter if you are happy? When all that ever seem to happen is that you are just gotta be alone and heartbroken?

I feel like tearing out my heart and throw it away. It serves no purpose when you are alive and yet do not want to feel alive. I feel very cold.

~ by blurfroggie on October 26, 2006.

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