I am moving out. Period.

My switch for the adaptor of my lappie was near my window. Every night I would sleep with the window open and last night was no different.

I finished surfing the internet and was preparing to go to bed. I walked towards to the switch to turn off the power. My sis was sleeping on the floor underneath the front of the window with her dog as usual. (For the life of me, I just cannot understand why on earth would she want to sleep on the floor with a dog. I really don’t. I mean you can say that she loves her dog but sleeping with a dog?! Even my friends who are animal lovers find that a little ridiculous too.)

Anyway, I was walking towards the switch in the dark and tripped over my sister’s leg. I fell forward and pressed on the window in front of me, except the window panes were pushed outwards. There were no grilles on the window. My left hand shot out and I fell forward further. It was a lucky thing my right hand found the metal side of the windows and stopped my fell.

Otherwise, I would have fell 14 levels down.

Mr patience is really running low on her. First, the birds who are always screeching every hours of the days, and now the dog. Its not as if bringing the dog into my room is enough, she has to sleep with it. As with all dogs, they have a stench. Its useless to brush their teeth or bathe them, they just have a distinct doggie stench. And my room is always filled with the stench every single morning cos we close the door when we sleep and the smell just got stuck in the room.

And then there is her problem of her sleeping on the floor with her dog. One of these days, I am really going to fall 14 levels down to my death if she continues doing that.

I really have it. This is my house too and yet I do not seem to have a say over how I can live inside. I admit I am not a big fan of birds and dogs, I prefer cats. But its the idea that I have to live everyday in an environment that I hate. My bedroom is filled with a doggie stench and I have to live with birds screeching every single day.

I am really going to live out on my own. I seriously have it with my sister and her crazy infatuations with animals. This is my home too, I want to live a life of my own. I want peace and quiet when I am home during the weekends without any birds screeching and a room without a doggie stench. I ain’t animal, I am human and I want a place fit to live for humans.

I am moving out. Period.

~ by blurfroggie on November 27, 2006.

3 Responses to “I am moving out. Period.”

  1. Endure abit lah.

  2. Dk i tot you would post:

    Come Come i share my room with you.

  3. i think you should do it.

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