The look

“When you really love someone, you want the person to be happy, at all expense.”

“However, does the other party know?”

Many times, I asked myself, why is love so complicated? Simply put. it does not require 2 persons to look at each other but rather to look in the same direction.

What does being in love encompasses? Who can properly define love? What is love?

To me, love means giving. It means offering your whole heart to bring happiness to your lover, sometimes to the point of self sacrificial. To the point when you are hurting and yet you still want to give, to give your very whole. It does not matter that the end may not justify the means, the only thing that matter is the smile that you see, the touch that you got and most of all, the look. The look that says your love is happy.

Does it really matter if your lover know? No, it does not, it does not matter at all cos you never really expect any rewards at all. The best reward is already there through his smile.

Is it worth it? Is it worth the pain?

Yes, it definitely does. Even if the result may not be what you wanted.

~ by blurfroggie on January 17, 2007.

5 Responses to “The look”

  1. Love means nothing but the care and importance of someone.
    Just my 2cts.

  2. Why try to define something that is undefinable? Love is abstract, formless and intangible. Love has it’s own meaning in each and every single of us. It’s different from people to people. Love is something that is meant to be felt. If you feel what is right just do it. People can say that you are stupid because you shouldn’t have done this and that for him or her. But it’s just to show how each of us define love, in a different way that is.

  3. On the one hand its comforting to know he is happy, on the other its hurting to know that he will never reciprocate what you have been doing..

    It hurts so much that I think the heart is literally bleeding physically

  4. Iris, dont define love. Let love defines itself according to what you want it to be.

    I am not sure about what happened but have you talk to him?

  5. No use talking lah..

    Anyway, I think I have gotten so used to crying for him that if I don cry for him for a week, I would feel weird! Haha..


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