Please can I have my peace and quiet?

My bus came and I boarded it. There weren’t many seats around and I ended up sitting with a dark skinned uncle. In front of us were 2 young punks and then beside them on the seat at the other aisle was this skinny, fair little boy.

Call me biased or called me superficial but I did not have a good initial impression of them. First of all, the 2 young punks (now you know why I labelled them punks) were sprouting a super tall pointy Dragonballz kind of hairstyle. T’was not just the hair that I did not have a good impression on, it was also their fashion style. Call me old fashion or call me a prud but I think wearing a coat in the hot and humid weather of Singapore is just a dumb idea. And wearing an overload of accessories was also a tad too attention grabbing. Then again, that might just be the whole idea behind their looks.

Well, actually I wasn’t really going to complain about the 2 young punks in front of me but rather their skinny friend on their left, sitting alone on the other aisle of the bus. He was real skinny actually and fair. He was probably just about 13 years old, perhaps 14 years old max. This young prick was really inconsiderate. He was slouched on the seat and did not think to let others shared the seat since he was occupying the space of 2 persons at the same time, as skinny as he was. His dress sense was a little better than the 2 dumbos sitting on his right. He was in a pair of frail looking jeans and an oversized T-Shirt.

The thing that irked me the most during my journey was the constant invasion of my ear drums cos the little skinny prick was playing his current favorite song on his mobile phone, without any ear piece to block out the song to other passengers who just wanted to ride their journey in peace and quiet. And it wasn’t any quiet soothing kind of song either but rather a loud and “bong bong bong” kind of song.

So, I had to endure his silly song for the whole journey.

Actually, I have noticed this recent phenomenon, young kids playing songs on their mobiles without any ear piece, regardless of whether they are disturbing the peace and quietness of the night. They kinda conveniently forgot that different people have different tastes in music and one man’s food is another man’s poison, disturbing people like me, who would sit back and pray that either we get off the bus soon or we just tell them off.

I was in a chicken mood last night, so did not have the balls to tell that prick off. Then again, I am a girl and they were 3 of them together, I certainly did not want to get into trouble…

Have the youths of our society been so degenerated and so turned off to the plight of others that they will just do anything they wanted, regardless of how their actions are negatively affecting the people around them? What is happening to our society? Is this the future of our generations and the next few generations to come? Whose failings are these then? The parents or the guardians or the mentors? Or should we just blame on the kids themselves, after all, you made your own choice, you choose your own life routes?

Or perhaps we can just conveniently blame on the government again?



~ by blurfroggie on February 14, 2007.

5 Responses to “Please can I have my peace and quiet?”

  1. i think the kids these days and in the future are and will be very detached from society.

    i think they cannot tell the difference between virtual and reality.

    they live in their own world within the world.

  2. The question is why? Why have the kids turning inwards? Is this the fault of the society cos we are too fast for them, causing them to ignore others? Or is it the fault of their parents and teachers? Or maybe their own fault that they cannot or refuse to catch up?

  3. definitely all of the above.

    on a macro scale though, it is hard to blame anyone forthrightly.

    this is the way the universe works. survival of the fittest. if not, we’d be walking among dinosaurs and dodo birds now.

  4. Haha, dodo birds..

    I just find the name so funny and hilarious for some reason..


  5. Usually instead of having to tahan them, i will usually call them to tone down. A simple and polite request that they themselves should oblige to listen.

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