A morning visitor

Mum was talking to me in my room this morning when she noticed something moving at the corner of her eye.

She turned and screamed. I looked up at the ceiling and saw a huge praying mantis. It was about 10 inch long, very beautiful, long, light green and very alert. With every movements, her (I knew its a female cos male praying mantis are tiny, super tiny) head would move in the directions of the movements. Her famous praying pair of limbs which gave her the cool name was crouched in front of her.

Take a look at her here.

Dad came into the room and attempted to catch her, but she was quick, scurrying away at any movements caused by us. In the end, we had to use a transparent plastic bag to contain her before letting her go.

Thinking back, I now realized what was the likely cause of the tapping sounds in my room. For the past couple of days, there were these soft tapping sounds beside my bed and near the windows. Every time I moved closer to the sound, it would stop and then pick up again when I move away. Now I wonder if this little girl could have been the cause of the tapping sounds I heard in the middle of the night whenever I was alone in the room.

Nevertheless, a very nice morning visit from such a beautiful creature.


~ by blurfroggie on February 20, 2007.

5 Responses to “A morning visitor”

  1. 10 inch???

  2. yea, it was huge…..

  3. thank goat it’s a praying mantis and not a grasshopper. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pelesit

  4. testing my gmail notifier

  5. err… 10 inch = 25.4 centimeter that is like the size of DK’s head! (just kidding … just kidding)

    But are you sure? heee

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