Visually molested?

I have always wonder what is it with woman’s breasts that turns a man on. I mean, man has breasts too but why do man NOT look or stare at each other’s breasts?

I was feeling a little hungry while watching Prison Break. I was absolutely hooked on that show by the way, just finished the entire Season 1 last week and now about 90% through Season 2. Anyway, as I was saying, I was feeling rather hungry while watching Prison Break and thought of getting some food. And with that thought, I went to the coffee shop downstairs to search for food.

As it was just a lift distance away, I did not bother to change. Or wear any undergarments either and by that I meant I did not wear any bra. I figured I was in a super over sized T-shirt so my breasts should not be conspicuous. Besides my hair were sticking out all over the place and I look absolutely unfriendly and crazy, which logically implied a lack of possible unwanted attention. Which was exactly what I wanted anyway.

Or so I thought.

I was walking towards the grocery store beside the coffee shop and there was this man standing at the counter paying for his stuff. He turned his head when I was walking towards the store and immediately his eyes strayed to my chest, down to my you know where.

I stared at him. He looked up.

And looked at my chest again.

I could have sworn that he had this smirk on his face while he was enjoying his view. That asshole. I glared at him, though he wasn’t even paying any attention to my glare. He was more interested in another view.

I had to continue to the coffee shop, feeling very pissed and disgusted with that man.

I went to the store to order my food. I turned my head and there was this other man sitting on my left. He was talking to another man and when he turned his head to my direction, he looked at my face for a split second.

And then his gaze strayed to my chest.

Gawd! What the hell is wrong with men!?

He stared for a while, then had the cheek to look at me and smile at me!

By this time, I was feeling very pissed and disgusted. But still I cannot do anything. These 2 buggers did not touch me at all. They just managed to visually molest me so I could not do anything. Right?

With that thought, I grabbed my food and scooted home.



~ by blurfroggie on April 8, 2007.

12 Responses to “Visually molested?”

  1. NPNT. 😛


  2. Dear Madam or Sir,
    hi i would like to link exchange with you if you are interested in link exchange with me email me on :-
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  3. Wow.. you post anentry about braless-ness andsomeone wants to exchangeURL.

  4. Men! You should have walk past them and call them lao ti koh right in front of their face… 😛

  5. Tell me if you want to do it again…

    Lend me prison break 2…

  6. DK: pic your head!

    Charming boy: you ain’t very charming after all, considering that you don even know I am a mdm or sir. Implying that either you think I am a nut crack guy who likes to go around wearing bras or you did not even bother reading my blog.

    Mr anonymous: hmm, you should really do something about your space bar.

    ZZ: I rather not attract more attention to myself!

    HJ: how do I pass them to you? I need a hard disk to store them first. And nope, I ain’t going to tell you even if I were to do it again.

  7. HJ: nvm lah. We stalk at iris’s house void deck. There got alot of unsecure WIFI to surf net while waiting. 😀

  8. Stalk her…

    What a waste of time…

    I rather find a cafe in town and bio gers… whahaaahaaa… =P

  9. In your dreams guys, in your dreams….

  10. Charming boy been spamming a lot of local blogs recently.

  11. were you wearing a white T-Shirt?
    it maybe fairly transparent, thus your nipples poke through the material?

    or you may have caught the guy’s attention as your breasts are jiggling without the support of a bra.

  12. Nope, I was in a thick dark yellow shirt.

    Anyway, men are men lah, they will be easily attracted to breasts.

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