Random ramblings

I had a very weird dream last night. I dreamt that 2 of my friends were made pregnant and I had to take care of their babies. One was a boy and the other was a girl. In the dream, I sympathized with my friends, who got into such a mess when their partners refused to take up responsibilities. I was rather bitchy in my weird dream, I was scolding the guys all the time.

It was indeed weird. I woke up with a funny ache in my chest and I was too tired to move my body. I guess it could be that the dream was too heavy for the conscious me too..!


Ozzie really stinks, I wonder if my sis ever shower or bathe her. She carries this stench with her wherever she goes and for some reason she likes to hang around me, probably cos my siblings were not home and she has no one to disturb.

My sofa in the living room have been totally wrecked by Ozzie. The leather cover are peeling and there are holes in the sofa. And its all Ozzie’s fault. She like to dig into the sofa before she settle down in the sofa to sleep, must be in her instinct. Animals do like to dig around in the ground, surveying if they had the best spot before they settle down for a rest.

And there is a weird smell in my sofa too, also from Ozzie I guess. I asked my parents to buy new sofas but they rather not cos Ozzie will just wreck the new sofa in the end too.



I have not been going out for a long time, not even to do shopping, ever since I came back from my Thailand trip. Everything seems too expensive for me, the weather is too hot, there are too many people outside, I need to work etc.. The list of excuses that I can come up with is endless.

I am just too lazy to go out, I think I am turning into a recluse.


~ by blurfroggie on June 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “Random ramblings”

  1. There is a pet shop in VivoCity that provides services like bathing your pets. KA stays outside the house and a once-a-week shower seemed fine. Dental every 6 months should take care of any bad breath. If Ozzie stays inside the house most of the time, she’s probably cleaner than KA.

  2. She seldom goes out but she stinks really bad. I think its her claws. Whenever she bites her claws, she will emit this really really strong and pungent stench which turns all off us off. I have never came across a dog that smells so bad!

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