Out of body, out of mind

There are times in my life when I just feel like listening to sad songs and cry my heart out, hoping against hope that someone would listen to my cries.

Today is one of such days.

Perhaps I am sick and twisted that way. Perhaps I just have more angst than most people. I know its not healthy to be dwelling in things and issues that I should not be dwelling at all, issues that I have no control in. But as most people told me, I am just human so its only humanely, in a sick way, that I will dwell in issues that bother me.

As I was traveling home on a cab, I stared at the passing trees outside the cab and wondered if my life is gonna be like this forever, so mundane, so grey and so lifeless. Its kinda ironic you know, a lifeless life.

I wonder if its cos of the way that I looked, the way I am dressed, the way that I talked that I am stuck in this lifeless life. Sometimes, I really wish that I have some kind of super power where I can just hop into the minds of some famous and beautiful people so that I can see, think and feel what they are going through in their lives. Just be them for a day, just a single day and I am satisfied. To know how they cope with their lives, to know the kind of things that they see and the way they think. To travel to where they travel, to experience their lives and to understand their behaviors.

Anything is good as long as I am out of my body, out of my mind. Anything is good as long as I am distracted from my uncontrollable problems.


~ by blurfroggie on June 18, 2007.

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