I waddle like a duck

I was at a shoe shop recently, it sells those kind of specialist shoes which supposedly are customized for your feet’s ultimate comfort. Its called Ergo something, cannot remember the name exactly.

And so while loitering with my companion, this very nice guy came outside and offered to do an analysis of my feet. Since it was free anyway so I thought why not.

Inside, I was told to step on this floor mat after taking off my shoes. The moment my shoes were off and this guy saw my feet, he got another guy over, a more expert one I think.

Actually there is no need for a computer analysis and anyone who can see my feet will know that there is something wrong with my feet. My left foot is terribly flat-footed. Its so flat footed that I seem to be slanting my left foot inwards while I walked. But apparently this was not the only problem with my feet. I also have whats called Morton’s feet. What it means is that my second toe is way longer than my first big toe. For my right foot, I think I have whats called a double Morton feet cos my third toe is so much longer than the forth toe. All in all, my feet does come in such a wonderful and complicated package.

I told the feet specialist that I was born with feet that are facing outwards. My parents had to bring me to some feet specialist to bend them inwards otherwise I will not be walking like a duck, waddling here and there. (Well, actually come to think of it, at the rate that I am gaining weight, I may already be waddling like a duck, just that I never notice, heh.)

And so the feet/shoes specialist told me that its better for me to see a podiatric, I did not even know such a word exist until then! Apparently my flat footedness is rather severe.

No wonder I am always suffering from back pain and I can never seem to stand up straight.

So now, I have booked an appointment with a qualified podiatric at NUH and I was told to bring my shoes along. Problem is, I always change my shoes, how to bring along one pair that I am always wearing! Oh crap….

So now, everyone knows that Ms Froggie is flat footed and waddles like a duck.



~ by blurfroggie on June 28, 2007.

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