Podiatrics miscommunications

This is so crappy. I am supposed to go for my podiatrics appointment today. I was so looking forward to getting my foot fixed and today was supposed to my first encounter with a foot doctor.

But it was all screwed up, due to miscommunication between the polyclinics and the nurses at NUH. Sigh..

Two weeks earlier, I was given the direct number of the Podiatrics clinic at NUH. I called to book an appointment with them. I was told that in order to get a government subsidized rate, I would have to get a referral letter from a polyclinics. But in the meantime, I could still proceed with booking an appointment with them, as long as I get my referral letter by the time I go for my appointment at NUH, I could still be on a subsidized government rate.

I was very busy getting sick for the past few days and also busy with work so I did not have time to get to the polyclinic to get my referral letter. Until this morning I could not sleep and work up early. Figuring that I had got nothing to do, I made a trip down to the nearest polyclinic to get a referral letter.

At the clinic, I was told that I would still have to be seen by a doc before I qualify for a referral letter so off I went to see a doc.

After all the hassle and waiting, finally, I was waiting at the booth to get my referral letter.

And then the bomb dropped.

“Miss, did you know that you have actually booked an appointment with the podiatrics clinic under private rates?”

I explained, “But I was told that I could still qualify for a government subsidy if I can get a referral letter when I go for my first check up?”

The lady then helped me called the people over at NUH.

After a couple of minutes, a couple of looooong minutes, the nice lady helped me to cancel my appointment for today and fix a new one so that I would still qualify for government subsidized rates.

So happily, I walked over of the clinic and went to the bus stop to catch my bus.

As I was about to board my bus, I received a call.

“Hello, Mdm Teo Chin Wah? You just booked an appointment with NUH for podiatrics treatment on this Tue right? Did you know that there are actually no government subsidies for podiatrics treatment at NUH? In order to qualify for government subsidies, you would have to proceed to the Jurong Medical Centre instead of a hospital.”

Bleah! Then in the first place, I might as well just stick to my appointment today right! After going through all the rounds of waking up early to get a referral letter from polyclinics, after explaining my situation with the stuff there, after all that, I was told that there isn’t any government subsidies at the hospitals for podiatrics instead?! WTF!  In the first place, why didn’t anyone inform me first, then I would have just gone for my appointment today and not have wasted any time at all.

The worse thing is the next line. “I would just call you again on Mon to confirm which clinic you would like to go then.”

And then she hung up the phone.

Sheesh. I am so fed up with all these that I lost all my enthusiasm in fixing my foot.


~ by blurfroggie on July 14, 2007.

2 Responses to “Podiatrics miscommunications”

  1. Poor thing. You should have took down all their names and write up a formal letter to notify them that such a thing shouldn’t happen. How can 3 different staffs give you 3 different information?

    Maybe that’s the reason why I don’t go to polyclinics.

  2. I also dun know why this kind of thing can happen leh.

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