A gorky adventure on the bus

I was on the bus today in the morning. Even though there were lots of people queuing for the bus, I still managed to get a window seat on the upper deck.

Slowly, everyone got their seats and there was this plump chap with messy hair and gorky glasses coming to sit beside me. He was in a business shirt with kaki colored pants. There was this weird looking brownish stain on his pants and I began to imagine where did the stain come from, and none of my imagined theories are good. Besides the stain, he also had this huge piece of dandruff on his head and it was just plain gross. His glasses was all greasy on the lenses and he did not shave properly with some over growth on his cheeks. Overall, although he was in his business wear, one can just tell that he is a real sloppy person. Coupled with his body size, the entire package was just plain bad.

The more I looked at him, the more I did not feel comfortable sitting beside him.

As the bus moved off, my neighbor began to doze off and as with all typical sleepers on the bus, his head began to drop towards me and his body was leaning against me until he was like leaning onto me.

I felt so disgusted. And pissed. I had some bad experiences with old men who tried to take advantage of me on the bus by pretending to doze off and I resolved that I will fight back the next time I met with such people.

As that gorky man was falling deeper and deeper in his sleep, he was really using me as a pillow and getting real comfortable with it.

I gave him a hard push, real hard one with my shoulders. He looked up at me and mumbled his apologies. I turned and looked out of the window.

After like barely 5 mins, I felt the same familiar weight on my shoulders and arm again. I turned and that was that bugger dozing off again!


So this time I shoved him hard and went “Tsk!” loudly. He was rather shocked and sat up straight and said sorry to me again. But after a while, the same routine happened again and I had to shove him hard again.

When my bus stop arrived, he was just dozing off and starting to lean against me again. I was very pissed by this time. So, instead of shoving him off, I said very loudly, “Excuse me!”

He jumped, really jumped up in his seat!! Totally freaked out and jumped high!

Hahahaha! I almost burst out laughing but still control myself, I had to appear angry after all. Then I kinda pushed against his legs and got off the seat and hopped down the stairs to get off the bus.

I am still so tickled by his jump and scare from his sleep that I am grinning as I am typing here. Muahahaha!!


~ by blurfroggie on August 6, 2007.

4 Responses to “A gorky adventure on the bus”

  1. That was…awesome!!! ^_^

  2. Heh. I love seeing him jump from his sleep…

    I am evil………..

  3. Woman! You so evil leh! No need liddat gua. Pity the fella though he is sloppy.

  4. I am just taking revenge wor.. I hate it when these men just dozed off on the bus and then leaned against me, sometimes you really don know if they are pretending or not so I just whack and make sure that he learnt his lesson lor..

    Besides it was a fun way to start the day off! Heh

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