Self destruction, running away or shutting off?


There are basically 3 ways that people do to deal with pain and emotional problems which they cannot solve.

First one, to self destruct. This is the easiest way of all methods and also the most dangerous cos the slide downhill is so easy, so convenient. Further and further she goes until before she realizes it, she cannot climb back up hill anymore. Drinking, smoking, self-mutilation etc. The main excuse that she gives is that she feels helpless and is trying to look for an alternative to numb herself from the pain and her issues.

This is also the most cowardly method.

Second one, to run away. Basically, she will refuse to accept that there is a problem on hand and refuse to face it. She will go to extremes to take her mind off her pain. She will over work, over eat, over exercise, basically just over do an activity to make herself so tired to the point of breaking, until she just have no energy to face her pain and problems.

Although this ain’t the most cowardly method of all, its still not a very healthy method in soothing her emotions. In fact, this method can easily cause her to slide down the path of no return thereby hurting her physically.

The third method is the toughest and requires the most will power and determination. Basically, she would have to face the problem full face and confront the issue. It requires the person to basically shut off her emotions and think through her issues rationally. She needs to be extremely strong and clear headed.

The third method is also the most painful one. She has to challenge her problems full frontal and will have to recognize that there is no other way of solving her problems other than shutting off her emotions and being rational about it. Rationality here is the most important tool cos without that thin layer of rationality, she would have gone crazy with all the pain.

~ by blurfroggie on August 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “Self destruction, running away or shutting off?”

  1. I guess alot of people uses all three methods? Eventually when they resigned to fate that they can run no more, they have little choice but to deal with it head-on.

  2. True, true. But facing the problem head on is so painful! 😦

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