Slowing dying?

For the whole day, I have been feeling a very weird pain in my chest. Its a numbing sensation right in the center of my chest. And its screwing up my breathing. I would feel very breathless for a while and then the next moment my heart rate would just sky rocketed.

And I have been feeling that way since this morning. A physical reaction to what I am going through at the moment perhaps?

Anyway, I just hope I do not get into this situation again, its too painful and I do not think I can withstand that kind of chest pain again.

Worst, I hope I do not faint suddenly.

That would be real embarrassing…..

~ by blurfroggie on August 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “Slowing dying?”

  1. Hi there, strange, I’ve been feeling a little constricted in the chest past 2 days – very sudden. And my friend who is extremely fit also complained the same. A virus going around maybe? Or something in the air or water?

  2. Go run by the company doctor. Dont wait liao.

  3. Go see your company doctor, it be best to id whatever is causing the problem early.

  4. Funny thing is, I don feel anything this morning already… See a doctor also no use liao cos I think the doc also cannot find anything now..

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