My adventures at Comex 2007

It was indeed a very tiring affair at this year’s Comex 2007. I think this was the first time I was so enthusiastic and excited about going there. In fact, I was so excited about going there that I arrived a good 45 mins earlier than the opening time. I loitered outside at the entrance with the usual kiasu Singaporeans and even signed up for a credit card, I think it was the UOB One card. Gosh, I did not even know what card I was signing up for at that point!

The reason for my excitement was this baby, the D Link DSL 2640T wireless router with built-in modem.

For the past couple of months, since my messy setup of router and modem went kapok on me, I had been surviving on my faithful SpeedTouch 516 modem. It was a simple setup and with the help from my loving parents in connecting the telephone cables to my room, I was able to get online. Problem is, without a router, my sis can’t use the internet when I am online. Besides, running on LAN does not offer me the luxury of surfing on my bed. I need a router to complete my internet setup.

So when I heard that D Link is offering this gadget at half price to the first 10 customers who appeared at their booth at 1pm and to another 10 customers who appeared at 5.30pm, I was very interested of course! The original price of this gadget was $98 and D Link is offering this at $49 for this one-day-only promotion. Half price!

See why I am so enthusiastic? 😀

So today, after going for my gynaecologist check up (which was, by the way, a real uncomfortable experience cos I had a Pap smear test and it basically involved getting poked down under), I hopped down to Suntec convention hall to chiong for the router.

And found out to my horror that I wasn’t the only kiasu bugger there. There were already like hundreds of geeks and more geeks there already! The booths for Starhub and Sony was already up and running and attracting lots of crowd!

At about 1155pm, the gates of geeks’ heaven opened and everyone chiong ah! I was one of the last few to enter into the exhibition halls. Feeling rather smug about going there so early, I paced over to the D Link booth.

And saw a long queue there already.

I counted. I was number 12 in the queue.


Not wanting to give up, I still continued queuing. About half an hour passed before the sales stuff at the booth told those behind geek number 10 that the quota for the promotion at 1pm was up and we did not need to queue anymore. We could still return at about 5.30pm to try for the second promotion.

Sad! I was totally disappointed, totally! I lost by 2 places! Argh!

Well, not having any choice, we went to have our lunch. By the way, the prawn noodle at the Republic Food Court at Suntec was goooooood…!

To cut the story short, we did not give up and decided to queue for the 5.30pm slot.

So we spent 3 hours loitering Suntec, had a nap at some of the armchairs there and even had a Guiltless Mango Cheesecake at the Starbucks. It was very very boring.

But the lure of saving a full $50 bucks made us go back to the booth again at around 4pm.

And we realized that there was already a queue there!

Sometimes, I think geeks are the most persistent of all humans when it comes to gadgets and IT products! Imagine our reliefs when we realize that we were the number 8 and 9 in the queue!

The reliefs however turned into irritation cos the booth opposite D Link had 2 jokers or clowns or whatever you called them as their MCs. They were supposed to be drawing crowds to their booth for a local company, Anicon Technology or something, which was selling portable TVs, MP4 players etc, but instead of attracting crowds, I think these 2 guys were actually repelling people from their booths. They were like shouting into the microphone and basically ended up being unintelligible. And I think if the microphone were any nearer to their mouths, they would have swallow it whole. Besides shouting, they were also trying to do some beats or rhythms with their mouths, trying very hard to impersonate the sounds of beats and drums and instruments with their mouths (there is a term for that but I could not remember it already), and the overall effect was very very very bad cos firstly of the noises that they created and secondly the saliva that they were spitting everywhere from their “performance”. And the worst was they actually shared mic. Imagine the amount of saliva that they were sharing on the mic since they were holding it so close that it was touching their lips… Yucks!

And I had to stand in front of them queuing for the router for about 1.5 hours. My poor ears are still very traumatized.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, may I proudly present my all new D Link DSL 2640T wireless router!


All in all, I would say that today was a very fruitful day, even though I had to spent like a total of 2 hours queuing and standing and listening to crap (from the 2 jokers) and another 3 hours doing nothing other than eating and napping. Most of all, I got what I wanted from the fair and I am real grateful and very happy about it. 😀

Overall, this year’s Comex was rather fun, especially the Sony’s booth. There were cheerleaders performing, hip hop dancers showing their moves and Starhub even gave out bottles of soap for blowing bubbles, which I had much fun with when I blew bubbles on the incoming crowd, heh! Me bad. 😛

Besides this, there were the usual show girls and some of them were real head turners. My companion, being the male as he is, ended up ogling at them.. *shakes head, roll eyes*



Ms Froggie’s note:

1) Thanks to Mr D for alerting me to the D Link promotion! 🙂

2) I have nothing against geeks, in fact I think they are one of the coolest bunch of people around with their knowledge on the complicated intricacies of IT stuff. Its just that they can sometimes be too enthusiastic when it comes to gadgets and stuff!


~ by blurfroggie on September 1, 2007.

14 Responses to “My adventures at Comex 2007”

  1. I’ll definitely give up queuing… you are a geek-potential as you are persistent like them!

  2. Heh! No choice cos I really need a modem router set up and I want it all under 1 roof and by far this is the cheapest..!

    Besides I was in the company of a geek so….

  3. I am seriously considering throwing away the Linksys router. Is this any better than Linksys? Is this just the router + modem or is there a package that comes with the CPU wireless adaptor too?

  4. I used to have a Linksys router which was given to my by my sister’s friend. Its a good enough router if you don use it for too long otherwise it will just stalled and my connection will go dead. Maybe its an old router but after using it for a couple of years, I find that its no longer reliable, sometimes the frequency will drop and for no reason I cannot connect. Thats when I decided to change the thing.

    The D Link one so far is good and fast but maybe cos its new 😛

  5. u know, u are pinged.


  6. Yup, I saw.

  7. Err… why dont you call me up? I got 2 distributors there doing bundling for our anti-theft softwares for Mac and PDA phone. Can just get their guys to q for you if you like. Very much like q’ing up for iPhone in US 🙂

  8. Heh, I kinda forgot that you had a booth for your distributors there……

  9. Iris, that’s precisely what I am facing now. Not Starhub nor Linksys is willing to take up the responsibility of giving some form of answers. I might consider changing the router to something else to test, and if the problem goes away you can be assured I will smash the Linksys router with a hammer and gladly post up the picture in my blog.


  10. Gee, why not just take the plunge and change your router instead of waiting for explanation cos I believe neither companies will be able to provide any…

    In any case my D Link is working rather well for me now 🙂 You might wanna consider that?

  11. these things are not built to last. expect to have to replace them once every couple of years.

  12. Well, I guess all kinds of electronic gadgets are not meant to last for a long time..

    Cos if otherwise, how is the company gonna make any money! 😀

  13. The idiots were Beatboxing

  14. Yeah, beatboxing was the word that I was looking for..

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