Stiff neck, fell and hit

Today is simply not my day.

I woke up alright in the early morning to prepare for work. Everything was going smoothly, I showered, I packed my bag, I checked out my wardrobe to decide what to wear and I combed my hair.

When I felt a very sharp pain at the back of my neck.

I’ve got a stiff neck.

So I walked around the whole day not being able to turn my neck much and looked kinda like a zombie cos I got to turn my whole body if I wanted to look left or right.

In the office, I almost slipped and fell on the floor of my showroom, twice. Both times I managed to steady myself and prevent myself from tumbling all the way down. For some weird reason the floor of the showroom was very slippery, as if someone had given it a fresh coat of wax.

In the afternoon, I was changing the picture frames in my showroom and I was carrying some large picture frames, those metal ones which were rather heavy. I was walking very awkwardly in the showroom when the inevitable happened.

I slipped and landed on my bum. And jolted my neck.

The sight was real hilarious if not dumb but for the pain. The impact of my fall on my bum traveled all the way up to my neck and it was like someone hit me on the neck with a baseball bat. For a moment, I felt giddy and felt like throwing up. Gosh..

It was later than I realized that one of the salesman gave the cars a good wax yesterday, including the tires. No wonder the tires were so shiny today. And the wax got onto the floor so he just kinda give the floor a brief mop.

Sheesh, so now I am the first clumsy ox to fall in the showroom..

Next, in the evening. I was walking towards my bus in the interchange. There was this paper cup on the floor rolling towards my path and I was staring at it trying to avoid tripping over it, given my morning incident, I kinda wanted to be more careful in the way that I walked.

Without realizing that I was heading straight on for the side mirror of the bus. And so, once again ladies and gentlemen, the inevitable happened again; Ms Clumsyfroggie here bumped her head hard onto the side mirror of the bus. I think the impact was so hard that I must have tilted the side mirror of the bus a little. It was not so painful as embarrassing when I was with so many other passengers waiting to go up the bus.

Then worst of all, my good friend had to rub it in.

“You so short of course will hit the side mirror lah!”




~ by blurfroggie on September 13, 2007.

7 Responses to “Stiff neck, fell and hit”

  1. Gosh! Hope you are okay now. Would you want to see a physiotherapist? I do know one very good one. Very little waiting time. And she’s very good with necks. 😉

  2. Ouch! I feel your pain. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  3. Okie that’s really twice a bad hair day. Stiff neck is really sucky.

    Errrr… you selling cars ah? What car?

  4. oh gosh.. gabriel sucks!!

  5. Thanks guys for the concen.. 🙂

    Thing is, my stiff neck is getting worse.. Damn..

    Ed: commercial trucks and vans

    Tommy, yea, Gabriel sucks big time. I think he gave up on me already..

  6. Can you file a workplace compensation claim since this happened at work? Private insurance should cover at least some of your expenses.

  7. Haha, I don think so cos I don even have the proof of the fall and the stiff neck at all….

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