Polish your gems, please

I believe that everyone should take responsibility for their actions, and having one’s own children is for sure a heavy responsibility.

For, the life of your young ones depend solely on your nurturing, your guidance and most of all your protection.  Children are to be cherished, to be protected and to be loved; they are the ones who will immortalize you when you pass on. They are the gems that you created and which you have to polish and take care all through your life.

That is why I can never understand how some people treat the gems that they created like garbage.

I was at this hawker last week in Bedok. It was the one at the Bedok interchange and as with all bus interchanges, it was crowded, dirty and noisy. The walls and pillars definitely needed a fresh coat of paint as it was covered in black stains and there were grease patches all over them. I would never want to touch them myself, not to mention hugging them.

Yet, there was this parents, who, either were blind to the state of the walls and pillars or who, just could not be bothered with their children.

The entire family, consisting of 3 kids and 2 parents were sitting at a table a couple of feet away from me. There was girl who was about 8 years old, a boy who was about 5 years old and another little girl who was about 3 years old. The entire family was rather shabbily dressed, including the parents. In fact, I thought they looked kinda dirty too.

Anyway, the parents were deciding on what they should order and were totally ignoring their children. The eldest girl was very upset about something and was trying to tell her parents something. She was trying her darndest to catch the attention of her parents but to no avail. The youngest little girl was running around in the hawker place barefooted and was hugging the walls and pillars there, ignorant to the fact that the pillars that she was hugging were real dirty. At one point, I was even worried about her safety cos she attempted to climb the pillars. She looked so small that if she were to fall, it would be a hard fall for her. The little boy was also barefooted, his legs were hanging from the chair that he was sitting and I could see that the feet were totally black.

After a while, the father decided that he was going to order some BBQ chicken wings and walked to the stall in front. All his kids followed him, the 2 young ones barefooted and the oldest girl too, but with shoes. The father told the hawker what he wanted and then went back to his seat, without even giving his children a glance at all. The 2 young ones were loitering at the stall and did not notice that the father had went back to his seat, the hawker had to point them to the direction of where their father walked and nudged them in that direction.

All this while, the father totally ignored them. He went back to his seat, sat down and started to talk to his wife, both of them never even noticing that their kids were not with them.

I was seated at my place and observed all that happened and the first thing that struck me was,”Gosh, this is a rather dirty family!” And then,”What kind of parents would allow their kids to hug a super dirty pillar in a greasy hawker place or allow their kids to go around barefooted in a public place?” Imagine the safety and the hygiene issues!

If I were to have my own kids, I would cherish them every single day, carefully polishing them, keeping them clean and healthy, protecting them, nurture them and most of all love them every single minute that I can spend with them.

I simply have no idea how some people are able to neglect their children and fail their parenting responsibility so drastically.

Aren’t precious gems supposed to be treated with much love and care?

~ by blurfroggie on September 15, 2007.

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