Something terrible, I did.

I did something terrible, really terrible yesterday. All cos of a moment’s folly and clumsiness.

I spoiled the company’s projector screen. What a bumber.

I had to prepare some video show for a customer that was coming for a meeting on a project and I had to prepare the boardroom for their usage.

Everything went fine at first. I plugged my handy laptop, turned on all the switches to power up the projector and then I turned on the projector so that the screen would descent, you know the white color thick screen.

As the white screen was descending happily, I realized that I had not taken the remote control to the projector out from the cabinet.

Now, everything would be so simple if the stupid cabinet was not behind the screen, which at this moment was descending happily down.

I pushed the descending screen to the side and smugly opened the cabinet door to take out the remote control.

Then I realized that there was a weird whirling sound that came from above me and to my horror when I looked up, the white screen was all wrinkled and jammed tight above. My push caused it to be slanted and it could not come down smoothly and thus was jammed at the top.

I stopped its descent quickly and thought, “Ok, never mind, I shall just let it down further so that everything would come loose and then it would not get jammed further.’


As I pressed the button to let the screen drop down further, there was a horrible loud tearing sound!

“Oh shit, oh shit!!”

So, I stood there dumbfounded as the white screen got torn off and dropped onto the floor in front of my eyes..

I just effectively destroyed a perfectly good screen in my company’s boardroom..

After the meeting (luckily for me, the video screening was canceled), I went to my workstation and saw the following email from my IT department.

Dear SKL Users,

Good Evening,

Please be informed that our “display screen@ the 7th floor Board Room is being repaired due to alignment issue. We are working with our vendor to resolve this issue ASAP.

Meantime, you can use the existing small display screen to display from the Projector for internal/external meeting.

Thanks for your cooperation and support. Fyi.

IT Manager – MIS


~ by blurfroggie on September 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “Something terrible, I did.”

  1. Hmm…. does your IT department know? Well, it isn’t a huge matter and I guess if you are a valuable employee, they can write it off. 😉

  2. Yea, I informed the IT manager after I totally wrecked the projector.

    It ain’t so much the cost but the sheer stupidity of how I was.. Why the hell didn’t I think twice before pushing the projector screen aside!?

    Wah lau…..

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