I want to be free


Enclosed between the four walls of my room, I have a window that allows me to visit kingdoms that I never knew existed, met people that I never thought I will meet and encounter situations that I never dreamed will ever happen.

Through this tiny window, I try to search for a corner of my own. I yearned to seek out the peace that I never am able to find in reality. Real peace and comfort that I can be who I am, safe, free and protected from the noises that I experienced in reality.

Freedom from reality in the world of virtual reality.

And yet, as much as I traveled far and wide into strange kingdoms, met interesting people and got caught into strange situations, I have yet to find the solace that I so crave for. No peace, no comfort, no silence.

Most of all, no freedom.

I want to be free.

~ by blurfroggie on September 19, 2007.

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