Taurus & Europa


One day Zeus saw Europa, daughter of King Agenor of Tyre ( a city in Phoenica) and his queen, Telephassa, and got enamored with her. He wanted to approach her but knew that his appearance would dazzle and terrify the young lovely maiden, so Zeus cloaked himself as a white bull with horns of mother-of-pearl and a silver moon emblazoned upon his forelock.

While Europa was playing one day by the water edge, she espied a majestic bull grazing amid her father’s herd. Upon approaching the animal, it knelt down before her and allowed the girl to climb onto its back. Once she had mounted, it sprang to its feet and rode the waves across the sea to Crete. There Zeus made the beautiful Europa his mistress, informing her that all the land she could see from the island now belonged to her.

This land became known as the Continent of Europe.

I never know that my horoscope is actually related to a continent.



~ by blurfroggie on September 21, 2007.

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