I need that stupid plastic!

I was at a meeting with Audi’s team.

During the meeting, we started to digress and ended up discussing about Audi’s car, when Mr Reinhold Carl, the managing director of Audi Asia no less, invited us to some TT event.

Then he looked at me and said,”I am driving a white TT myself and during the event, you can drive it. The TT is a very good car for young ladies like you!”

“Thank you so much!!” I blushed..

 “But…. I would need to get my license first….” I continued shamefully..

At which point, Mr Carl burst out laughing.. “Oh is it! You have not get your license!”

“Yeah.. Heh heh.”

After the meeting, one of the managers came up to me and said,”Well, go get your license quick!”

I actually did not think much about this afternoon’s event until when I got home..

I just effectively lost a chance to drive one of my favorite cars cos I failed to own a stupid piece of plastic card. And by the way, the Audi R8 is coming into Singapore soon and Mr Carl also owns a white color unit; if he were to offer me to drive that car and I lost that chance cos I do not have a license to drive, I think I will just go bang my head in the wall………..




~ by blurfroggie on October 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “I need that stupid plastic!”

  1. See lar!!! You see lar!!! Can you introduce Mr Carl-Ceng to me?

  2. Yea, I saw already, haiz.. Everyday face with all the nice cars and yet cannot drive.. darn it..

  3. Woah, the Audi R8 is looking really fierce but style is slightly similar to Ferrari.

  4. hey hey…. we are in the same league !! And guess what, I just failed my basic…. hahahahhaha….

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